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Caring for a Burning Bush Plant


What kind of food should I use on my Burning Bush?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By leah0860 from Morganville, NJ


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By Deanj 917 10/23/2009 Flag

I spread some mulch under my buring bushes a few years ago. Other than that I leave mine alone. Right now they are a brillant red.

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By Dottie Baltz 2 30 10/23/2009 Flag

They don't require a lot of care. An organic mulch is really all they need because the mulch will break down over the years and improve the soil. If they were doing poorly this year, an inch of compost around them will help feed them without stressing them.

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Question: Burning Bush Leaves Have Light Green Spots

My burning bushes have been healthy for 15 years, but 4 years ago they started developing light green spots on the new growth. By mid summer the leaves start turning brown around the edges and dying. They start the spring full, green, and healthy looking and then become diseased. No one knows what is wrong with them. Can you help?

By Sam P

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Question: Brown Brittle Leaves on Burning Bush

We recently planted a dwarf burning bush. It is in full sun, in sandy, well drained soil and I water it daily. Some of the leaves are brittle and brown. Am I watering too much?

By Pam

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Archive: Caring For a Burning Bush Plant

I'm trying to find information on the care and growing of the plant called "Burning Bush". How often should they be given plant food, pruning, any kind of disease to look for, etc.? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Susan from Virginia


RE: Caring For a Burning Bush Plant

Deer and rabbits like to eat it, so I have found out. (05/09/2005)

By valleyrimgirl

RE: Caring For a Burning Bush Plant

I have had Burning Bushes for years. When I first planted them I gave them Miracle Grow about once a week. After that I haven't done anything special for them and they grow like crazy. My husband has to prune them each year. You can just let them grow but they get huge. I have never had any problems with them. They get full sun. I'm not sure if that matters. (05/14/2005)

By Eve

RE: Caring For a Burning Bush Plant

I have two burning bushes I purchased online three years ago. They are planted in full sun twenty feet apart with a birdbath between them. The first year, they barely grew at all. The second year they went from two feet to three. This year they are really growing fast should reach five feet easily. No special care aside from some Miracle Grow when I planted them and I keep competing weeds away. I figure by next year they will be above the privacy fence. (07/13/2008)


RE: Caring For a Burning Bush Plant

Have one that is probably 40 years old. Keep it at first story gutter height for manageability. Trim in the spring time, just prior to leaves sprouting. Theory is to conserve plant energy hoping for lower branch development. Assume it can be done anytime from fall forward. (10/16/2008)

By Neptune

Archive: Caring for a Burning Bush Plant

My Burning Bush's leaves are droopy, the soil is moist.

Hardiness Zone: 5a

By ngf_4 from Orleans, MI


RE: Caring for a Burning Bush Plant

I have a gorgeous Burning Bush that keeps growing, but I'm considering removing and destroying it, since it is an invasive plant that is illegal to be sold in my state, New Hampshire. This kind of plant has become quite a problem in some areas and is thought to be a future danger to our ecology. Do look into this. There are some nice alternatives that I've been encouraged to plant instead. Good luck. (06/05/2009)

By NH veggie lover

Archive: Caring for a Burning Bush Plant

My Burning Bush shrub has turned red and the bush is dying. The four other Burning Bushes are fine. What could have happen?

By kashst from Shelby Twp. MI

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