Do You Need a License to Do Body Wraps?


Do you needed to be licensed to do body wraps and face scrubs? My friend owns a salon and she want me to do something with her spare room. I really don't want to go to school.

By raven200028 from Rochester, NY


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By Lee Deg 1 05/05/2009

It really depends on the state, but generally, if you are only doing body wraps, & you are not directly touching the body (skin) then no, you don't need a license. However, any direct contact with skin usually requires some sort of license which allows you to touch a person's body: massage, esthetician, cosmetology licenses, etc are sufficient.

I owned several body wrap salons for 4.5 years before but in the state of Texas. I had a friend in NJ who owned a salon who had to get a license. Hope that helps.

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By Gayle 03/30/2011

Yes, it depends on the state. Certain states require no licensing while others typically require you to have a license as a cosmetologist, massage therapist or aesthetician. See http://www.thebeautywrap.com for specific requirements for each state.

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