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Does NIX Kill Fleas?

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Can I use lice killer on my dog to kill fleas?

By sassier299 from MI


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By JT07/22/2009

Yes, it does.

By Cyinda [214]07/21/2009

I don't know for sure, but I bet it would! It also kills the lice eggs (or nits) too!


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Archive: Does NIX Kill Fleas?

Will NIX (head lice shampoo) kill fleas?

Annmarie from Oneonta, NY

RE: Does NIX Kill Fleas?

Nix does contain pyrethrins which have been proven to kill fleas, ticks and lice. But if you are trying to rid your dog or cat of fleas Nix seems like a costly choice. It can also be very caustic if left on too long. "Natural Chemistry" available at pet stores is a natural flea killer that is safe enough to be used even on puppies and kittens. Works wonderfully. Just remember you need to treat all area of the home as well, or you may never rid yourself of this dreaded pest. I have also heard that 20 mule team Borax sprinkled to affected areas around your home, leave it to sit for a period of time then vacuum it up, helps as well. (10/04/2007)

By Meredith NH

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