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How do you keep Coke from going flat once it has been opened? I would like to be able to drink the whole bottle, instead of having to use the flat Coke as a toilet bowl cleaner (which is a great use for it!). Thanks guys!

Catastrofy from Winnipeg, Canada



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By tiffany 2 19 07/27/2008

Squeeze the air out of the bottle before you put the lid back on it. I used to waste a lot of money dumping soda out that had gone flat. I read somewhere that if you squeeze air out of the bottle until the pop is up to the top before you put the lid back on it wouldn't go flat in the fridge. I tried this and it works great. I've kept opened bottles of soda in the fridge for weeks and when I open them they still taste great and aren't flat.

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By Carol (Guest Post) 07/27/2008

When you buy soda keep at room temperature then when you want some add ice cubes to chill. The soda will not go flat for a long time at room temperature.

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By carol 4 81 07/27/2008

Yup! I agree with the last post!
Squish the bottle till there's no air in it, and the pop stays fizzy!

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By Carolyn Cloe 07/27/2008

When you pour it into a glass, add some fresh coke with fizz from another bottle/can. That perks it up quite a bit.

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By Danita Justice 3 2 07/27/2008

Here in the states, you can purchase inexpensive pumps for liter bottles at Wal-Mart. Or you can purchase a soda dispenser for liter bottles at www.kitchencollection.com . You also can purchase very inexpensive "soda savers" can lids for cans at www.kitchencollection.com.

I have used both the liter pumps and the can lids and think they work as well as can be expected considering that the pop will eventually go flat no matter what you do. However, they both extend the fizz and the expense for both is almost non-existent compared to what you can save on soda.

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 07/28/2008

Thanks, people!! I will try some of these suggestions! You guys are great!!!

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By Sherri (Guest Post) 07/29/2008

Put the lid back on the bottle and turn it upside down a few times and then put it in the fridge.
It always works for me.

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By Beth 25 1,120 07/30/2008

Once the bottle is opened the air pocket in the empty part of the bottle is enough to make the remaining liquid go flat, no matter how tight the cap is on. Squeezing the air out is probably the best thing you can do to prolong it's life.

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Yep, squeeze the air out of the bottle before placing the cap back on. This works well for carbonated water too. :-)

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By chris eaton 1 03/31/2009

Do not squeeze the air out. This actually makes it worse. You want to do the opposite: pump more air in. I've seen devices that let you pump more air in, thus increasing the pressure of the air in the bottle above the soda. This will prevent any dissolved gasses (CO2) from escaping as easily. Read about vapor pressure to get a physical understanding.

Weather you have this device or not, the best thing to do is this: handle the bottle of soda very, very carefully (like it has nitroglycerin in it) as to not disturb the soda. Any shaking or rapid movement will increase the rate at which the CO2 is released. I use this technique with my soda, and I usually can enjoy every drop, depending on how long it takes me to finish it.

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By joe 08/19/2010

Squeezing the air out of the bottle works ok. If there is no air over the soda, the CO2 won't be released from the soda. The problem is that the bottle can expand, so if you squeeze the air out and come back a day later, some CO2 has escaped from the soda and there is an air pocket on top of the soda. Generally it does help prolong your soda life though.

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By Handiest1 01/30/2011

OK everyone, I have an answer. First of all, squeezing the bottle just allows to CO2 to exit the pop/soda/Coke and reinflate the bottle. I got tired of this issue, and installed a schrader valve (tire valve) into a cap after drilling a 1/2" hole in it, then use a bicycle pump or compressor (be careful with this one) and pump it up to 35 PSI. This creates a higher pressure than the CO2 trying to escape and keeps it fizzy! Have fun! People will think you are crazy just like me. But they wish they had one. See picture. 1-30-11

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By Stephen M B. 01/07/2013

My remedy is: I have one of those soda club home soda makers and I just re-carbonate it. Basically it (under pressure) adds co2 to the liquid and bam, you got bubbles. I have also herd that a couple big strong rubber bands on a 2 liter to increase internal pressure will help. Keep in mind that the co2 is released because the pressure of the atmosphere is less then the co2, so it expands into the air or inside of the bottle, even quicker if you make a vacuum by squeezing the air out of the bottle. So DO NOT squeeze the air out of the bottle, it only makes it worse.

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