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Chemical Smell in a Refrigerator

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How do I get rid of a chemical smell (like coolant) in my refrigerator? The fridge was moved (not turned off) and this smell started after that.

Heather from Norfolk, VA



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By Roger (Guest Post)09/12/2008

i year old swan fridge SR5050. Self defrosting have not poked around drainage hole

By John E. Gamache09/24/2007

Typically when there is an odor in a refrigerator, there is a leak in the coolant system. If this is truly the case, you will see a decrease in cooling, then a repair will be in order.

By joan pecsek [88]06/20/2007


I had the same problem for years. Something was leaking in the ice maker. The only way to get rid of it was to replace the ice maker. Hope this isn't your problem but it's something to consider. Good luck.

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