How Do I Keep My Dog From Eating Plastic and Shrubbery?


My dog turned down a ribeye, but will eat plastic and shrubbery. The vet says she is healthy. Please help.

By dankatt from Charleston, SC


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By Ivy 13 20 11/30/2010

I think your best bet is to keep that shrubbery out of his reach. Or you could spray a dog deterrent spray around them to see if that helps. Try adding "cat grass" to your dog's diet. It can be found in the pet isle of most supermarkets and definitely in pet stores. Dogs crave greens from time to time. Either your pooch is mistaking the fakes for real ones or he has pica. I am glad the vet said he's healthy. Let's keep it that way. best wishes.

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By Beth 25 1,120 12/02/2010

It probably has more to do with the texture of what she is chewing than the taste. Try a variety of different chew toys. When you find a type she really likes, get several and change them out every three days or so. My dog won't chew on anything plastic but loves the plush toys. They are all different, just like us!

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