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Repair Sneakers With Silicone Sealant

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Just when you're letting out a big sigh because the kids have ripped the sole and fabric apart in another pair of sneakers, consider this: repair the sneaker by gluing it with silicone, the kind you use in bathroom repairs. My husband has made his sneakers last a bit longer this way.



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By daiquiri (Guest Post)03/24/2007

This works with shoes, too.
I noticed a pair of my flats had the toe of one sole separated from the shoe yesterday. I had bought shoe glue somewhere in my travels. Glued the parts as per instructions and kept them together with some mini clips. They take from 24 to 36 hours to form the strongest bond. They look great. The shoe glue is clear.

By Sally Pifer [7]01/25/2007

There is also a product specifically for sneaker repair called Shoe Goo.

By Susan (Guest Post)01/25/2007

Hi! So glad to see this! I have a favorite pair of sneaks, (look like reg old school style black and white sneaks, only they have a slight heel! And I have not been able to find any like them anywhere!)
Recently the bottom front on one is pulling away, so this will make them last a while longer.! Thank you!

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