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Removing Permanent Ink From Pet's Fur

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How do I remove permanent ink from my Golden doodle's fur?

Susan from Fort Wayne, IN



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By Janey (Guest Post)10/27/2008

I actually used a tip from one of the posts about removing permanent marker from skin and it worked! I used a Huggies baby wipe (I imagine any brand will do) and put a little mild dishwashing liquid on the wipe. I lightly rubbed the line on his face a handful of times and it lightened to the point it can't be seen. Since the mark was near his eyes and the fur there doesn't grow very fast, this was a great relief.

By Neet (Guest Post)09/10/2008

I am so sorry you'll have to cut his fur off. The coat will grow back ofcourse.
When I had this problem, my vet told me there's no other way around it. It's like doggy hair color which he'll have to grow out of.

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