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Potted Plant Holder

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Recycle greeting cards to make a colorful holder for a potted plant. Finished holder.

Approximate Time: 1/2 hour


  • recycled greeting cards
  • scissors that cut a fancy edge, such as pinking shears
  • stapler


  1. For a flower pot that is approx. 4 inches in diameter, cut 14 pieces of pattern A from the fronts of cards and 7 pieces from the backs for "fillers".

  2. Stack them into 7 groups, with patterns showing at the front and the back and a filler in the middle.

  3. Fold each of the 7 groups to the inside down the middle. Staple sides as shown and slip flower pot inside.

  4. Folding and construction diagram.

By preserver from Manitoba



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By susan [5]11/23/2009

I've always loved projects made from old cards. Thank you for another inspiration.

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