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What can you use old tubes of toothpaste for?

By Janice from Hays, KS


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By Lori 18 12/25/2009

Toothpaste is great for so many things.

It is a non-toxic mild abrasive. I've used it on an old toothbrush to clean marks off of my running shoes, and even to clean the shoelaces themselves (wet the shoelaces and then scrub the toothpaste in with the toothbrush - then rinse). It's also great for cleaning jewelry - just don't brush too hard because it is an abrasive, and don't use it on softer gems such as emeralds or on jewelry with a softer gold - ie: 18c or up). I've heard of people that have applied toothpaste to pimples to help them clear up, although I've never tried it myself :-).

If you do a google search you can probably come up with many more ideas!

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By Carol Swanson 35 211 12/29/2009

I use outdated toothpaste as toothpaste, but I know you might be fussy about that. Use the toothpaste to fill holes made in the wall by nails when you move your pictures.

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By Louise 7 96 12/29/2009

If you get as much of the toothpaste as you can down to the cap end and then cut the tube with scissors about an inch from the cap end you'll have quite a few more brushings. You'd be surprised at how much toothpaste is wasted.

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Archive: Uses for Toothpaste

What can you safely use toothpaste for, other than brushing your teeth?

Breakouts or Acne Natural Treatments

I have heard using white toothpaste (not the whitening toothpaste) on breakouts works. Just dab some on the breakout with a Q-tip and by morning it's gone. Also, for the blind, but painful breakouts use Preparation H. It takes down the swelling and the next night use the toothpaste. Always use the treatments at night as to not disturb your skin.

By Kathy (11/14/2004)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

You can use toothpaste to clean jewelry. Put some on the piece and let set over night. The I use my electric toothbrush on it the next morning while I'm in the shower. This "can not" be used on pearls (the real ones) as it will damage the finish. (11/14/2004)

By JMRoss

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

If the toothpaste is plain white, you can use it like "spackle" to fill nail holes in your apartment walls before you move out. (11/15/2004)

By Jean

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

Use some caution with the toothpaste acne suggestion. My daughter used this method, because it worked so well. But after she got older she found it had damaged her skin. Her face now looks kind of rough. Apparently she used too much for too long.

Pats (11/15/2004)

By patsaz

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

We used to use toothpaste to put up posters without damaging the wall. Don't use it for collector posters though, as it can damage the ink over time. (11/17/2004)

By calnorth

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

I've always been told that you can use toothpaste for bug bites. It will help stop the itching and reduce swelling. I've tried this along with some of my friends and it has worked. One day I told my history teacher this and she didn't take my advice and her bite got way worse. Toothpaste is handy dandy, just like Steve's notebook. Oh and it works well on bee stings. (01/13/2005)

By ms billy bob favorite student

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

You can use white tooth paste to clean your running shoes. (03/02/2005)

By Sam

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

I use toothpaste for cleaning my nails. Just put some on an old manual toothbrush or nailbrush, wet nails and the brush really good with water and scrub under your nails, you will be amazed. I think this works because nails and teeth are made of the same "stuff". It also showed me that my face wash does nothing to dirt. Big plus point is, while soap, etc. makes my nails annoyingly soft, toothpaste does no such thing, just cleans to sparkling. Mouth freshener gels also work and are not so sharp in their flavor. (03/07/2005)

By a thrifty woman

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

I use white toothpaste for grinding steel and Aluminum. It gives me a mirror finish in my machining operation.

Regards. (03/29/2005)

By Raghavendra

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

It works to take stains out of carpet. (02/26/2006)

By bobberly

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

White toothpaste (not gel) will remove crayon from painted walls. Rub the marks with the toothpaste and a damp rag. Wipe with clean water to get rid of residue. (02/27/2006)

By Jean

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

If you rub some toothpaste on a scratched CD it will polish away the scratches. (03/11/2006)

By Steve

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

I know that you can use toothpaste to placate burns, a friend of mine used it before and it helped, right after you get burnt put it on. (05/02/2006)

By kolo

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

I use toothpaste for my showers, works well, it is very refreshing. Once in a while, I use it as facial cleanser. (10/19/2006)

By Blues

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

I use toothpaste and water to clean my silver, it really works. (01/19/2007)

By downunderchick

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

I use my non gel toothpaste to clean my diamond ring. It looks new after I'm done. Just squeeze out a little on a toothbrush, wet your ring, and scrub fairly gently, then rinse it and dry it. (02/06/2007)

By Vixen

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

Use toothpaste for DVDs. If the scene freezes take the DVD out and put toothpaste on it. Clean it off and it works. (03/29/2007)

oh my gosh

You have to try toothpaste on clothes, it really works it can take out all kinds of stains. Try it. Good luck. (07/17/2007)

By John

RE: Uses for Toothpaste

It works on bug bites and such because it dries them out. For the same reason it works to dry out other kinds of sores and blisters. I have a friend who swears by it for his cold sores. (11/13/2007)

By 4libros

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