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Is It Safe to Drink Expired Gatorade?

I was drinking a Gatorade dated December 10 2010, today's date is April 20, 2011. I'm really scared now due to the chemicals that are in these liquids. Is it dangerous?

By Marlene

Recent Answers

By Maryeileen [76]04/21/2011

Call the number on the bottle. I would presume that if iit tasted okay it was fine.

By Anonymous [848]04/21/2011

Expiry dates are a 'sell by date' guideline for retailers so I personally wouldn't worry about that date having been four short months ago as long as it was sealed.

By Lilac [18]04/21/2011

I am sure it was fine, it hasn't been expired that long but I wouldn't knowingly do it. Check your dates to be sure next time.

By Jill [4]04/20/2011

As long as it was in a sealed container, you should be fine. Most products like that are safe long after the date given.

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