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Bubbles in Veneer


I put a plant on my oak dinning table and it left water marks and lifted the veneer up to a bulge. Any suggestions for how to level the bulge?

By Emccurry from Ruskin, FL


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Here is a link to a web page about repairing different types of wood furniture, there is a big section dedicated to veneer. ... den-furniture-surfaces.htm/printable

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Archive: Bubbles in Veneer

Well, since the iron method worked so wonderfully for removing the white rings on my table, I now wonder if there is any magic that will remove, or, more accurately, re-adhere the veneer to that same table, where it has bubbled up in some small places. Does anyone know any way to get those bubbles back down, flat, onto the table? Thanks in advance for any help. Have a wonderful day!

Laurel from GA


RE: Bubbles in Veneer

Set a piece of wax paper on your bubble, on top of the paper, add a piece of thin cardboard, on top of this, add a piece of cloth. Set your iron to medium-hot. Firmly press the bubble with the iron. This should melt the glue, under the bubble and re-adhere the veneer. Please let us know, if this worked for you! (12/03/2006)

By Sharon

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