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Craft Uses for Paper Towel Rolls


Does anyone have any crafty uses for toilet paper or paper towel rolls (that are empty?)

By STOUTunicorn from North Platte, NE


10/07/2009 Flag

Besides the archived links below, here's a link that has a lot of ideas:

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By DeAnna 1 10/08/2009 Flag

My daughter used to make doll furniture out of paper towel rolls and tp rolls. She would use the long rolls to make edges for the beds, and the backs of chairs, where the short rolls were the bed legs, and the front of the chairs. These were surprisingly sturdy. She never painted them, but I bet if they were painted, they would hold up a long time. She used other cardboard for the mattresses and seats of the chairs.

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By Ann Winberg 306 239 10/12/2009 Flag

Not exactly a craft idea but for those out of control extension cords, I fold them the length of the cardboard tube and slide them in. Makes for neater storage. I leave them in the tube when I use them if it work that I can by leaving the two ends sticking out of opposite ends of the tube.

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By Ann Winberg 306 239 10/12/2009 Flag

At Christmas we used to use the tubes that come out of the wrapping paper to make candles on the door. You could make shorter ones with paper towel and tp tubes. Just cut them in half lengthwise, cover with whatever color of paper you want. By wrapping your paper all the way around you can attach a hanger with tape to hang with. Or punch holes in each side of your cardboard, run a string through the holes to make a loop to hang by.

Cut a flame shape and tape it sticking out one end. We sometimes taped burned out Christmas tree light bulbs in for the flame. You can do the same with the tubes that come in carpet and cover with colored foil and put outside for the Christmas holidays. My Dad cut these for us with his circular saw as they are very stiff.

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By sufigirl 17 02/07/2010 Flag

I'm a big child activity advocate. When the kids come over, I always have paints and markers for them to doodle with. I send them home with their projects rolled up and slipped into a paper towel holder. No frayed edges and its harder to wrinkle the work. Great for other documents too.

* They're also good for stuffing plastic shopping bags in. It keeps the shopping bag explosion in my pantry under control.

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