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Removing Duct Tape From Carpet

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Duct Tape

If you have used this popular tape to attach something such as a power cord, to your carpet, you may now be lamenting that decision. Duct tape and its residue can be difficult to remove from carpet. This is a guide about removing duct tape from carpet.



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Question: Removing Duct Tape From Carpet

When I needed to place phone cord across my living room floor, I duct taped it down to prevent tripping over the wire. My problem now is removing the duck tape and the residue without damaging the carpet. Any tips on the removal would be most helpful.



Most Recent Answer

By carla (Guest Post)10/20/2006

I work as a Housekeeping Supervisor for a University. Duct tape a staple in college dorms. We use a product called De-Solv-it to remove the residue. It is the only thing I have found that really works! De-Solv-it can be purchased at Wal Mart in with the furniture polish. It is non toxic and can be used on most surfaces. Excellent product! Give it a try and I'm sure you will be impressed. Good Luck

Question: Removing Duct Tape Residue from Carpet

Duct tape was put on carpet to hold another rug flat. It left residue. How can I clean it off?

By Joan S


Most Recent Answer

By Janace Lynn M. [8]07/25/2012

Fingernail polish remover or paint thinner, it will smell. Then spot wash with some Dawn dish soap to remove residue and smell. This method works good on stickers & gum to.

Question: Removing Tape Residue from Carpet

We have duck tape stuck on berber carpet. We cannot get it up.

By Eileen W

Question: Removing Tape from Carpet

How do I remove tape from carpet?

By Linda D.

Solutions: Removing Duct Tape From Carpet

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