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Removing Gum from Leather Furniture

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I have a very stubborn, old chewing gum stain on a leather sofa. I've tried olive oil, peanut butter and WD-40. Nothing worked. Are there any other options?

Wlodek from Sydney



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By Jenny R.01/18/2015

Woke up to find that my friend whom visited last night had sat sugarfree airwaves chewing gum into my brand new leather corner suite, I went into panic mode and started searching the web for remedies when I found this site and tried the olive oil fix which took seconds and worked a treat... phew no explaining to do to my husband!

By eljefe08/26/2013

Just want to add my favorable comments. Tried the olive oil on a new car with leather seats, and gum three days old.
Worked like a charm! Thanks

By esacast07/20/2013

Woke up at 5:00 am to be told by my daughter that her gum had mysteriously gotten on to my dark brown leather couches. She had tried to remove it on her own by using ice. What she ended up doing was rubbing it in. I read some solutions on this site and had all natural peanut butter. Poured a little of the oil into a bowl(natural peanut butter separates) and took a white t-shirt and rubbed on the gum. It came right out....took maybe 2 minutes total. I wiped some of the oil off with a barely damp (water) cloth. You would never know that there was a huge piece of chewed gum rubbed in the couch. My panic attack was soon over. Love this website.

By attagal01/30/2011

The hot water trick worked for me. Sugarless gum rubbed into a leather car seat with tiny little holes in the design. I placed a wash cloth on the gum, poured boiling water over the washcloth, and used a second washcloth to gently rub. Because of the little holes it took more than one pass, but it finally worked. Note to self: have a place to set the hot pan down, and keep track of where the gum is on the rag so you don't rub it all over the place again.


I am a Realtor that takes clients on home shopping experiences. I was not pleased when I found gum on my leather backseat. I came to this site and found out the Olive Oil trick, used it and it worked in less than 60 seconds. This is an awesome site I will be back to use it more often. I now have a gumless backseat that my clients can use.

By JC (Guest Post)01/31/2009

Thank You so much for this helpful guidance. Grandson smeared a mouthful of tropical fruit chewing gum all over my VERY EXPENSIVE brown leather chair. Found it at about midnight last night, freaked, googled how to clean gum on leather, found this site, and voila!!! success in a few moments this afternoon. Used olive oil because had no natural peanut butter/oil readily available.

Did testing on a hidden spot to determine if there would be a problem with staining or discoloration and saw none. Rubbed small amount of oil on a soft paper towel in gentle circular motion, wiped off excess, checked for progress and leather condition, rubbed again same way, and soon every smeary, gummy spot was removed and the chair looks like new. So, olive oil worked beautifully for me!

Chair smells fine - only a very faint scent of the olive oil that is actually pleasant. There is no oily or gummy residue from the oil. Did not need to use ice. Figure the gum landed there about two days ago when he was here visiting. This technique was magic and I am so grateful I found this site. Thanks a million!

By SS (Guest Post)01/29/2009

Thank you! Very expensive couch (six grand) with GREEN Trident sugar free gum on the cushion. (Not a natural substance--harder to remove, than sugar gum.) It is dark brown/walnut color and a very fine quality leather. OF COURSE the warranty does not cover gum. So, I read all of your brilliant insight and thought--why not? SESAME OIL, TWO ICE CUBES and GENTLE RUBBING. Be patient. 10 minutes later GONE! Thank you ever so much, truly. Your consistent on-message remarks were true to the result.

By Jennifer (Guest Post)12/30/2008

I am a gum addict. Once I had slept with it in my mouth, and in the morning it was stuck to my beige leather sofa. I tested a small hidden section so I'd know if peanut butter would leave a grease stain. It didn't. Then I alternated rubbing ice and peanut butter on the gum. I'd rub it with ice then peanut butter and lightly scrub at it with the abrasive side of a sponge. It took about ten minutes, but sure enough the gum is gone without any stains :)

By Lou Anne [4]12/11/2008

Try using "lighter fluid" that is used in the Zippo style cigarette lighters. I use it to remove price stickers, labels and it always works.
Hope this works for you.
Good Luck


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Removing Gum From a Leather Chair

How can I get gum off of a leather chair?


Try Peanut Butter 10/10/2004
Try putting creamy peanut butter over the gum. The oil in the peanut butter will dissolve the gum. It sounds silly, and can be a touch messy - but it should do the trick.
By Jason (Guest Post)
Antibacterial Gel 10/20/2004
Antibacterial gel works well on gum or any adhesive residue, and it isn't messy at all. Also kills germs while you are cleaning.
By jeangnome46
Eucalyptus Oil 09/19/2005
Eucalyptus oil is the best for removing anything sticky. You can buy it from most drug stores.
By sarah (Guest Post)
Peanut Butter 11/05/2005
I have to say incredible. I had gum on my leather jacket since march... Peanut butter took it right off. Thanks for the tip.
By Rachel (Guest Post)
Peanut Butter Worked for My Leather Coat 12/02/2005
I used Peanut Butter on my $200 leather coat to get rid of gum and it worked VERY easily and cleanly, just spread a THIN layer on and lightly scratch off. It really worked.
By Jeremy (Guest Post)
Peanut Butter 03/29/2006
The peanut butter works like a charm, if you let it sit for a few second and then just scratch and wash it off it comes off perfectly and doesn't even ruin the leather!
By Jim (Guest Post)
Peanut Butter Worked for Me 05/04/2006
PEANUT BUTTER REALLY WORKS! I have to say that I was really hesitant about using peanut butter on my parents brand new leather sofa that I some how managed to smear gum into. I sat on the gum for a while so it was really set in. first I picked off as much as I could and then i applied thin layer of peanut butter and wiped away with a dry cloth. I had to repeat it several times but to my surprise the peanut butter didn't stain or leave a mark on the couch at all. Thanks to the rest of you for saving me!
By Meg (Guest Post)

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