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Blooming Lilac

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Blooming Lilac

Blooming Lilac

I planted this Lilac late June and am very surprised how fast it grew, it was so small, and it is actually blooming! I thought it would take a second year before it would bloom. I am so excited, I planted it right by a window so I can enjoy the smell.

By Linda from Bellevue, N.E



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By Kim Churchman [3]05/19/2008

It is pretty, and fragrance galore. Even the foliage is nice. If you ever let it grow for like fifty or whatever years, it will have beautiful bark in a twisted spiral around the trunk. There are some near me with trunks about 6 inches in diameter, still fragrant in bloom.

By Joseph Raglione [16]05/19/2008

Don't be too excited and keep a tight leash on your Lilac Tree or you will discover exactly how fast it grows!
The plant has invasive properties therefore, keep the Bush to only one stalk and don't allow any shoots to wander all over your yard and garden. Prune it fast and hard and show no mercy!
Finally, enjoy the smell! It only blooms for one or two weeks in the Spring!

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