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Waste Paper Basket

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Have you ever noticed there are some very nice waste paper baskets in the stores. They are so expensive, so I tried to decorate my own:


  • $1.00 store plastic basket in white, or yellow or pink or blue
  • $1.00 store doilies
  • $1.00 store flowers
  • glue gun


Wrap and glue doily to the top of the basket, glue the fringe of lace around the top then glue the flowers onto the basket, spacing accordingly.

Wow, this is so simple and so cute. I am now going make one for a gift for my baby granddaughter's room: pink, pink dolls, the lace, the doily. What a nice gift, fill with appropriate oils, creams and lotions for the baby. Hope you enjoy this craft, I know that I did.

By Janet from Toronto Ontario



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By Patsy, Suffolk, England (Guest Post)06/16/2007

Is there a picture anywhere? Sounds lovely!

By Jill [3]06/11/2007

This is a really cute idea. I just wanted to mention that you can get the baskets for free! Wal-mart is the place I use, but any store that sells fresh cut flowers would probably give them to you. Go to the floral dept. and ask for those plastic buckets they use to hold the fresh cut flowers. I get 10-15 of them free every year for our cub scout group to cover with a collage and use for a garbage can. I use them all over the house as well. They make great mop buckets! They also work well to store toys and I have also used them to put open bags of potting soil in.

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