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Removing Watchband Links

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Have you ever bought a watch with a stainless steel bracelet (like a diver's watch) then realized that the band was so huge you could fit it around your ankle? If you are like me, you probably have tons of screwdrivers and sharp, pointy objects, but you don't want to damage your knife points and the screwdrivers (even the tiny ones) are much too big for such a job.

After messing around for far too long, I finally discovered a simple, exceedingly cheap way to remove those stubborn pins from in between your watchband links. All you need is a THUMBTACK!

Yes, folks, for only fifty or seventy-five cents at your local dollar store, you can purchase an entire container of handy watch band reducers. Just insert the point of the tack into the holes on the correct side of the band (Make SURE you have it right), and give a gentle shove. For most watches, this is all you need to remove a few links, all in a few minutes.


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By castingon12/16/2010

I have been searching for something around the house that would remove the link pin. The thumbtack idea worked great and saved me the $15 of either having someone remove one link for me or buying a link removing kit.

By Travis Kuntz02/18/2010

This is the best tip! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

By Mike09/04/2009

Dude! The thumbtack worked great! Mahalo!

By Erick (Guest Post)02/15/2009

Thanks! Worked great and saved me $14 from the Sears watch repair shop.

By Dardog (Guest Post)12/28/2008

I used a small screwdriver kit. And it worked like a charm. (Hobby screw driver kit)

By Gabriella (Guest Post)11/16/2008

Thanks! Great tip! Save me money.

I used push pins which also work fine.

By (Guest Post)11/11/2008

gr8 post, worked like a charm on my new Invicta I bought online. Important to push the pin out in the direction of the arrow on the clasp. Thanks a bunch.

By (Guest Post)09/15/2008

It works for a new Timex!

By Dan (Guest Post)07/17/2008

There are many types of watch bands. Some require other approaches.


By RAF (Guest Post)06/24/2008

Little things the jewelers don't want you to know...

Thanks for the tip. Saved me time and money.

By Joe (Guest Post)06/04/2008

You're da bomb. Spent 20 minutes with a paper clip before you pointed me in the right direction. THANKS!

By (Guest Post)05/15/2008

I used the end of a paper clip to remove 6 links, then I have remaining one at each end should someday not be so skinny.

By Impatient One (Guest Post)04/12/2008

YES! God bless the GOOGLE toolbar. I just knew there was a logical solution. I did remove 5 links in about 10mins (some of which was spent looking for another tack). The best ones were the OVERSIZED pushpins. A gentle tap with a hammer and pull with a plier and my watch was perfect! THANK YOU!

By Joel (Guest Post)04/05/2008

After spending an hour trying to get the pin out I decided to check the internet. Boy am I glad I did. After reading your post I had the pin out in seconds. Thanks!

By Don (Guest Post)03/30/2008


By Ken (Guest Post)03/12/2008

Thanks! Worked like a charm!

By Roy (Guest Post)03/05/2008

Outstanding! Just adjusted my watch. Thanks for the great tip.

By Allison (Guest Post)02/21/2008

AWESOME - simply AWESOME! I was about to order a kit from eBay when I tried once more to find a resolution on-line. This worked WONDERS - even on one of my old watches that the pins had, essentially, frozen in the holes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tip!

By Imz (Guest Post)02/01/2008

Thanks! I bought a costume jewelry watch super cheap off eBay. I'm used to the screw-type pins or spring-loaded ones in watches. These push pins had me stumped. Thought I would have to waste the money I saved, at a jeweler, to get these links off.

By Rich Hamilton (Guest Post)01/29/2008

Had a watch from Xmas sitting there, awaiting a trip to the need now. Great tip as long as you are careful.

By Robert01/19/2008

My Timex expansion watch band doesn't have holes in it to insert a tack. If I had a band with holes in it, how do you rejoin the ends after you remove a section?

By beeneman (Guest Post)12/05/2007

After getting a quote for $12.50 from the jeweler I went home and started looking online..worked like a charm!

By New watch owner (Guest Post)10/11/2007

Yes, I too agree that the thumbtack idea works great. I looked around the house for something that would work, then found this online and it set me straight. Works exactly as described. No need to take a trip to the jeweler.

By M (Guest Post)07/20/2007

Thanks for the tip! Just bought a new watch yesterday and took care of the band myself, then went back to a couple of old watches I had around and adjusted those as well.

By Craig (Guest Post)06/26/2007

Thanks for the thumb tack idea, it worked great. I do admit to using a push pin though. Hey, what the heck, you nailed it!!


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