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Where Can I Cash a Tax Refund Check from H&R Block?

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Does Walmart check a person's credit report to cash an H&R Block tax refund check?

By Joe from Oakley, CA


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I don't know of any business that does a credit check to cash a check of any type. A simple State Photo ID or a passport is all that is required and that's to insure you are indeed the person who the check was written to. It's been against the law to even ask for someones Social Security number as ID for check cashing or to purchase items for at least three decades or more and a Social Security number is the only way anyone could do a credit check. I suggest you get a checking account so you don't have to pay any check cashing fees. There are lots of banks out there that will give you a free checking account if you just look around but you do need a valid Social Security card and Photo ID to open a bank account.

By Wilma Long [1]02/14/2011

I can't imagine why they would check your credit. They would know the check was good. If they doubted it was and wanted to check at all I'd think they would check with H.R. Block instead of you.

By Joan [13]02/13/2011

They charge a certain percent to cash checks, I don't know if it goes by the type of check or the amount. From what I have heard the rate begins at $3.00. Don't you have a checking or savings account?

By Lisa [2]02/13/2011

I don't know what personal information Wal-Mart requires for check cashing. But if you call your local store, I bet they can give you all the information you need.

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