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How Do You Clean Baked On Food on a Pyrex Casserole Dish?

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How do you remove burned food from Pyrex? It is a sugary glaze that burned on to the Pyrex.

By gmadrum from Turlock, CA


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By kittymom03/20/2011

I put a good amount of baking soda and small amount of water, set on low on the stove, it gently "simmers" it out, have done hundreds of times, especially on dishes with burn stains from garage sales. As soon as you take it off, dump the water and start rinsing the leftover gunk out with Dobie and water.

By Jim01/05/2011

I had baked on food for years on my pyrex 9 x13 and read here that Mr. Clean Erasers would remove it. So $3.79 later I still have baked on food. Didn't even touch it. Don't waste your money save MR.Clean for the bathroom. Now on to Easy Off oven cleaner and give that a shot. I'm doing it outside however, that stuff is toxic!

By Bob06/25/2010

OK. This works great, I had a dish soaking for days but nothing happened. But, then I added water until the stain was covered. Then put in a teaspoon of salt and a healthy squirt of dish soap (I used fairy brand). Then I microwaved the concoction for 3 minutes on high. The whole thing scrubbed off easily with the scouring side of a dish sponge.

By Mr. Jourdan06/04/2010

I would have to agree with everybody here on the dish-washing detergent. I soaked the dish in cascade dish-washing detergent with water for an hour which softened all the grease up and then I scrubbed all the grease away with a brillo pad. The dish came out looking brand new. It was all messed up before. It had all types of spots all over it. It had been like this for atleast a month. I thought it was done, but I wanted to give it one last chance before I had said the grease settled in. And it didnt. It all came out. Give this one a shot!

By Nancy in NC [1]05/31/2009

Although it isn't as 'green' as baking soda or vinegar, I use a small amount of straight bleach for a burned-on area. First I remove as much as I can and then only add enough bleach to cover the spot.

By Patty Hunt [3]05/30/2009

My mother in-law worked in restaurant where they soaked pot and pans with baked on food using spic n span. Just sprinkle it on then add a little water to cover it and let it set.

By Beth [25]05/29/2009

Soak it with automatic dishwasher detergent and water. That stuff dissolves everything. Before I had a dishwasher I always kept a small box on hand for such purposes.


Pretty much the same as other posters. I always simply fill with super hot water and some dish soap, soak overnight and then use a Scotch Bright pad. Rarely does it ever take any sort of elbow grease to get it all off on the first try ;-)

By Mary Lou [13]05/27/2009

Hot water, some dish soap & baking soda. Let of soak for a little while, add a little vhite vinegar, let sit another 10 min. Put a little x-tra baking soda on your sponge when cleaning, if needed.

By Jenny [2]05/26/2009

"Barkeepers Friend", at any grocery store, near the Comet and Ajax cleansers. Works Great! Good Luck

By Anne Bender05/26/2009

I find that the easist way to clean baked on food is to use a dryer sheet and hot water. I let the dish soak with the softener sheet while I do the rest of the dishes. It usually comes clean without alot of effort.

By Frances Adams [11]05/26/2009

If the stain is in instead of on the glass, then you may be stuck with it.

By Lisa [2]05/26/2009

I agree with Jules -- use hot water (with a bit of dishwashing detergent) and let it soak for quite a while. I use the old fashioned green Scotch Brite pads instead of SOS. I've poured boiling water on some yucky cooked-on greasy spots, and that seemed to help. Even with the soaking, it may take a bit of elbow grease!

By Julie Novak [2]05/26/2009

Hot soapy water with a splash of bleach- let it soak and then scrub with an SOS pad - that ought to take care of it.

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