Removing Crayon From Microfiber

Girl drawing with crayons on microfiber.

If your little one colored outside the lines or decided to decorate the couch, you may be looking for an easy way to remove crayon from microfiber. This is a guide about removing crayon from microfiber.


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Tip: Removing Wax or Crayon from Clothes

Heat an iron. Damp a face cloth. Put the face cloth on the item of clothing with the crayon or wax to be removed. Place the hot iron on the damp face cloth and move around for 30 seconds until wax or crayon is removed.


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Tip: Emory Board To Remove Crayon From Microsuede

My two year old daughter decided to add some color to our new microsuede couch using various colors of crayon, I found if you use a very fine emory board (nail file) it takes the crayon right off, just go over the markings lightly until it's gone. Fine sand paper may work also, I would test it first in a small area.

By Andrea from Wichita, KS

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Question: Crayon on Microfiber

Does anyone have any tips on removing crayon from microfiber furniture?

By Leslie from Arvada, CO

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