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Food Sticking To Non-Stick Waffle Iron

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I bought a new non-stick waffle iron, and since "non-stick" doesn't always mean that, I preheated it and brushed oil on it, as the manual said to do. Well, we all know what happened, right?! Stuck all over the place. I know not to spray Pam, etc. on non-stick. It's the kind that beeps when the waffle is ready, so I know I didn't open it too soon. Please help!

Karen from Portland, OR



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By Joyce Robertson [9]09/11/2008

If you spray the waffle iron before heating it, make sure it is hot before putting in the batter, make sure the batter has all of the neccessary ingredients - milk, flour, sugar, (adding sour cream is awesome), oil (or butter), salt, baking powder, I use lots of room temperature seperated whipped eggs (fold the whites in last), and vanilla. Very simple. Do not put too much batter in. Cook past the beep if it is still steaming for a crispier waffle (20 seconds or more). If it is still steaming they will stick to the top and the bottom and split in half and be lots of fun to pick off. I have a Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker that has a handle that flips the waffle over so both sides fill with batter and they are perfect every time. I find making the batter at least an hour before using so it warms up before going into the hot waffle iron also helps. For added health benefit I use some fresh ground whole wheat flour and flax.

By no name today (Guest Post)09/11/2008

Try calling or writing the manufacturer.

Tell them the problem.

By KL [3]09/09/2008

Waffle irons can be so cranky it seems.

The first waffle seems to stick in general and then the rest seem to come out better. Were they ALL sticking?

You might try a different recipe. One that has a bit of oil or melted butter in it.

Also waffles will stick if they aren't fully done. When it pretty much stops steaming is when they should be done. And don't open it up to check on it until then.

Since your iron is new maybe it will take a couple trys to get it 'seasoned'. The best luck I have had is with waffle irons older than I am. :-)

I saw on googling there is a product called WAFFLE OFF that the Pro's supposedly use but I have never seen it before.


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Question: Waffle Sticking to Waffle Iron

How do you keep a waffle from sticking to the iron?


Most Recent Answer

By Dorothy [40]06/05/2012

Spray with non stick spray or brush with butter or margarine to avoid sticking.

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