Removing Black Heel Marks


There is a 5 inch long black scuff mark from a shoe bottom on the lower part of a wooden door. I have tried several methods including toothpaste on a sponge and liquid soap. What can you suggest?

By JoAnne from North Platte, NE


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By kbkeeney 1 11/08/2009

I have had good luck with those 'miracle sponges'. There are different brands but the Mr. Clean brand seems to hold up better under pressure. I find them in the cleaning supply section of the retail store.

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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 11/08/2009

Try pine oil or alcohol, good luck.

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By PENNY K 15 562 11/08/2009

Try clear packing tape or scotch tape. Put on mark. Use back of your fingernail or teflon spatula [nothing too hard] to really bond the tape to the mark. Pull up and see if anything is better. If it is, continue. Tape is great for removing all kinds of marks, including on cloth. I usually try it first, do what's possible, and then try to finish up with any of the great type of suggestions below.

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By kimsukie 5 35 11/11/2009

Try using a pencil eraser. I've used it before to get scuff marks off kitchen linoleum and it comes off real easy. I think I thought of this when I noticed my tennis shoe removed the scuff one time.

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If nothing already suggested works you can also try a Brillo pad. The eraser idea makes a lot of sense to me though ;-)

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By LaQuetta 1 15 11/11/2009

Lighter fluid! We use it for scuff marks and removing goo from labels. It will remove permanent marker from many surfaces without harming the finish. Use it to remove tree sap and tar off your car, boots and clothes. You can even use it to remove tar, tree sap and goo off of yourself but wash off with soap and water as people with real sensitive skin might feel it burning a bit ( it doesn't bother my skin at all).

It will dissolve candle wax residue and chewing gum. We use lighter fluid for a million uses around our house yet my husband and I don't smoke so there's no need to use it in lighters. I keep a can under the bathroom and kitchen sink, one in the laundry room and garage, even one in my office to remove goo and marker! It has many uses and depending on what you're using it for you don't have to wash or rinse it off because it evaporates. And it's cheap!

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By Beth 25 1,120 11/11/2009

Yeah, the lighter fluid really works. I used to keep a bottle when I had a light colored floor just for that. Wouldn't think it would harm the finish on the door either, but you can always test a tiny spot first.

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By Sandi 7 183 11/11/2009

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers do a great job getting up scuff marks on walls, and floors. Just be careful as they tend to take the "shine" off of wood, and leave it a bit dull. I suppose you could use polyurethane to refinish the dull spot on the door. Just make sure to match the finish of the door. Is it very shinning, semi gloss, matte? Also you want no color tint in the polyurethane. Good luck to you.

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Archive: Removing Black Heel Marks

To remove black heel marks, etc. from your linoleum or hardwood floors, just use an ordinary eraser.

By Robin

RE: Removing Black Heel Marks 02/21/2005
I have also removed those black heel marks with nylon panty hose on just rub your foot over it or the side of you white soled sneakers. Shann in NC
By (Guest Post)
RE: Removing Black Heel Marks 02/22/2005
You can also remove black marks from linoleum by going over the mark with the heel of a black shoe. It picks the mark right up!
By acope

Archive: Removing Black Heel Marks

First, the best way to prevent heel marks is to have a "no shoes" policy in your house. If you have a heel mark you need to remove, just rub it with a pencil eraser. A "magic" eraser works well for removing heel marks on floors or baseboards.

By ThriftyFun

RE: Removing Black Heel Marks

At our school, the janitor uses a tennis ball on the end of a broom stick. (05/03/2006)

By lkoenig

RE: Removing Black Heel Marks

Toothpaste also works great! (05/04/2006)

By Elizabeth

Archive: Removing Black Heel Marks

Ever get those black heel marks on your kitchen floor? Here is a cheaper version of the Magic Eraser. Just use an ordinary eraser and wipe off black marks. No more spending money for the high cost of a Magic Eraser when you can purchase an eraser for 10 cents. Works for me all the time.

By Carolyn from Floral Park, NY

RE: Removing Black Heel Marks

I use a common Kleenex. (11/25/2008)

By kimhis

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