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Check for Energy Draining Devices at Night


Cutting back on your electrical usage can be easy IF you know where to look. This exercise must be done after dark, with the lights off, if possible.

Walk around each room and look for red or green lights on appliances and electrical devices. Your television, cable box and the DVD player, coffee maker and electric toothbrush charger, etc. probably all have the indicators, which mean your appliances are pulling electricity EVEN when not in use, adding dollars to your electric bill.

These phantom energy drains can be a large part of your annual energy bill. Evaluate how important each device is and consider unplugging. OR if that is too drastic, plug like devices into a power strip and turn the strip on when you are ready to use the television/DVD, for example. You may be pleasantly surprised when you receive your next bill. A little inconvenience can add up to BIG savings.

Source: LG and E PowerSource Customer letter, April 2009 edition

By skibum1910 from Prospect, KY


By Teresa Tart 1 345 08/09/2009

This sounds good if you are not using it for longer than just overnight. Plugging things in and out is not good on the cord. If you don't use it but every few days, or once a week, that would be a super idea. When we go on vacation and plan on staying several days to a week we cut everything off (not the refrigerator).

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By Mary Ross 5 30 12/20/2009

A big problem with that is that so many of the items in question have to be reprogrammed every time the power is turned off. What is needed is for appliance companies to make tv, microwaves, etc so that they can keep their memory overnight so we can turn them totally off, and not have to spend hours reprogamming them the next day.

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