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Beagle Puppy Has Severe Itching


I have a 50 day old beagle. Suddenly he has developed severe itching on the back and sometimes bites his hind feet. He had fleas when we got him and I removed all of them. Earlier he didn't have any itching problem but suddenly it developed and now it is very severe. Any possible causes you can think of?

Anay from Mumbai, India



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By Candy 1 49 12/31/2007 Flag

Since you only have a 6 week old pup, you should consider Sarcoptic Mange as a culprit. You didn't say if your pup had scabs or not. Pups can commonly have Staph. skin infections too. Ringworm is another reason they can become very itchy. If there is hair missing then you should definitely see a vet for an exam. It is time for his vaccinations and deworming too. You can use some Lime Dip to bath him in if the label says you have use it on that young of a pup. It stinks and will stain concrete and silver rings, but it will help with bacterial, fungal, and mange mite problems.

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By Cosmos mom (Guest Post) 12/31/2007 Flag

My dog is having such a hard time. He has a boil cyst under his armpit (took him to doctors) he keeps licking and scratching at. His ears he is scratching till they bleed and around his eyes. He is on Duck & Potato diet. He has had several cortisone shots. Vet said taking him to allergist (in our area would cost 800 to start) would be useless, they dog would still itch. He is so miserable he is growling at us and our guests. What to do? I don't want him to turn mean we have 2 boys, but he is not a happy dog.

I know it was bad breeding, not his fault. He is only 2, he is terrior/chu mix. Any ideas. I love this dog. I can keep him away from other and the kids know when to stay away from the dog, but his is not fair to all of us. He is not a happy dog, and we have to be as of now slightly afraid of him. Does anyone else have a dog that is allergic to almost everything? Help.

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By Myrna 17 1,082 01/01/2008 Flag

This link will help you to understand some whys to your pet itching badly. I would see a veterinarian since he is so miserable. It's persistent and not going away on its own. Something definitely is wrong.

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By LuvMyGingerKids 46 316 01/01/2008 Flag

Without seeing the puppy, it's really impossible to determine the cause and the course of action. It could be fleas, allergies, mange (at least one type of mange is contagious to humans), lots of possibilities.

I would definitely advise you take your puppy to the veterinarian, who will be able to tell you what your puppy is suffereing from.

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By Christine Biernat 8 91 01/01/2008 Flag

When we got our beagle, he developed severe itching and made himself raw in a few places. The vet said he had a severe allergic reaction to the flea bites. She gave him a shot to help with allergic reaction and started him on a flea control program. We bathe him regularly, make sure his blankets are washed often and vacuum often. These habits benefit his humans, too! (He is fine now. )

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By Carolyn 1 2 01/03/2008 Flag

I had a rescue dog who developed a terrible allergy, he lost all his coat, had sore swollen feet, and came out in terrible sores around his face and neck, the Vet treated him for allergies and put him on cortisone, then one day I spoke to a different vet about my pigs itching and asked him if what they had was contagious, no dogs cant catch mange from pigs he said, but to give my pigs a DECTOMAX injection. Well if it works on pigs I looked up on the internet and found others had use this on their dogs. 1ml for a dog of about 14kg, 1 injection a week for four weeks, It is now 4 weeks since Rex's last injection and he is better, no more sores, fur has grown back and he is a very happy little boy, only 13 months old, but he hurt for more then six months of his life. He is well and looking lovely. not a thing the Vets did for him helped, but the pigs injections worked a miricle.

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By Barbara (Guest Post) 01/03/2008 Flag

You can remove the fleas, but if your dog lives outside or his sleeping area is not treated, the fleas will be right back on him. It sounds to me like this has happened, and that he has a flea allergy.

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By Sheryl 1 16 01/03/2008 Flag

Food allergies would be my guess. What are you feeding the dog? Probably allergic to his food.

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By CArol in PA (Guest Post) 01/03/2008 Flag

It sounds like an allergy to me. Our dog was allergic to flea bites or flea poop. I'm not sure which it was. He had to get cortisone shots at the vets office.

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 01/03/2008 Flag

Get him to a vet.

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 01/04/2008 Flag

Try Vinegar on a cotton ball to dab on the "hot spots" It works for some.. I also put Baking Soda in the rinse water when I give our dog a bath. There is a product called Sour Apple that works for some, but didn't help "Buddy". Good Luck, GG Vi

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By Sue R (Guest Post) 01/07/2008 Flag

My pekingese has the same problems. I finally had to take her to the vet, she was scratching herself raw and bleeding. I found out she has food allergies. Her problems were under the skin. I felt so bad I cried. The vet gave me meds for her. I now have a baby sweater on her so when she scratches, she is scratching the sweater and not herself. I wish you luck with this because the dog is in pain.

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By Fiona. (Guest Post) 01/22/2008 Flag

We feed our beagle-cocker spaniel toddler biscuits called Advanced for Sensitive Skin and it has made the world of difference, he no longer itches at all. We also give him cod liver oil once a day (one human tablet) which has also helped.

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By John V (Guest Post) 04/06/2008 Flag

My three year old beagle had gotten to the point of severe canine stress due to allergic reactions to flea bits, and severe skin allergies, after trying everything known to man. I treat her monthly with advantage, wash her every other week with oatmeal shampoo and one human cod liver oil capsule a day. She's 100 % recovered. now I sleep at night not hearing her non-stop scratching. Thanks P.S. The cod liver oil also helped her loss the 5 lbs excess weight she carried.

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By Matt (Guest Post) 06/08/2008 Flag

We have a beagle as well. She began itching badly too. We found out later thought she had dry skin. Feed your pup 1 COD liver oil pill per day and it will get rid of dry skin and leave the pup with a nice shiny coat.

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By Jamie (Guest Post) 06/24/2008 Flag

Our Beagle is a year old and has been itching since she was a couple of months old. It started with fleas and I immediately started her on Frontline. She hasn't had fleas for nine months, but she still itches all the time. A couple of months ago I took her to the vet. First, he tried Prescription Diet for allergies. That didn't seem to help. Next, he tried prednisone. The problem with that is it is dangerous to keep her on. I tried taking her off the prednisone and she goes back to itching and chewing on herself. I don't see any dry skin or evidence of fleas. She goes crazy during all times of the year. We just tried the medication Atopica which cost $160 for a 30 day supply with no relief. I don't want to have to take her out of the area to a specialist. Her coat is still shiny and smooth.

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By Leslie (Guest Post) 06/25/2008 Flag

My dog has the same problem. I give her Benadryl every morning and that seems to help. I have also used topical sprays that people use for poison ivy or other itchy skin problems. GOOD LUCK!

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By atarah (Guest Post) 07/18/2008 Flag

My beagle/toy terrier is itching a lot too. I don't know what it is so far. I've yet to take him to the vet to find out. He had fleas when we got him as well, and since about two days after I had him there were no more, so I don't think its that.

I'd love to know if you ever figured out what yours had, and what did you do to help.

Let me know, thanks!
you can email me at
sallyjoe AT

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By Michelle (Guest Post) 10/09/2008 Flag

Many dogs not just Beagles are allergic to Fleas. Just because he/she is on Flea medication does not mean the flea has not already bitten the dog. All bites itch. There is only a few who are not allergic to the bite and do not itch when bitten. Also, try taking your dog to a good groomer. They cut the nails squeeze anal glands and really give the dog a good bath, better than you could ever give him, ask for an oatmeal Bath.

I know everyone says, "I am giving my dog a good quality food".Really do your research. Benitful, Pedegree, Science diet and Iams are only "middle of the road" type foods. There is Wellness (this is my favorite - white fish & sweat potato), Nova, Prairrie. These are high grade foods that are a bit hard to get a hold of at Petco. They are mostly sold at specialty food stores. If none of this works try to use benadryll ask your vet for the dosage. I hope I have helped you. Good luck

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By Darcey (Guest Post) 10/11/2008 Flag

My beagle Daisy has had sever itching. She has hot spots in her elbows and her legs. I have tried different foods, steroids, antibiotics, and prescription shampoo. I will try the cod liver oil. Thanks for the suggestions!

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By mrearthm (Guest Post) 10/23/2008 Flag

I took in a large hound mix about a month ago. I treated her fleas right off the bat, but she has still been itching constantly. I took her to the vet, who checked for skin infections (fungus, mites, etc.). She didn't find anything and told me to switch foods, give her fish oil supplements, and give her an oatmeal bath. I took her suggestions and bought her the Wellness Whitefish and Sweetpotato formula dog food (quite expensive) and have been giving her a fish oil tablet with every meal. She has still been itching constantly, so I asked the vet if I could give her a Benadryll to alleviate the itching in the mean time. The vet approved, so I have been doing that as well. Any idea of how long the fish oil and new food will take to get her body adjusted and back on track? A couple weeks? A month? A couple months? I just hate to see my dog suffer and want to know how long I should wait before trying something else.

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By (Guest Post) 10/23/2008 Flag

My dog itched horrible. I took him to the vet and she told me to try fish oil caps and Acidopilus. I buy it from krogers. It is from Sundown. I break the caplet in half (Cosmo only weight 17 pounds) and my dog just eats it like a treat. Has helped so much. Also, you can use tea tree oil mixed with their shampoo (very little though, making sure not to get into eyes). Must keep the Acidopilus in the fridge.

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By (Guest Post) 10/24/2008 Flag

My 6 month old beagle itches a lot. please help. When he was 5 months old, something bit him and his mouth got swollen. I had to take him to the vet, and they treated him with bendryl.

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By Jill 1 02/25/2011 Flag

We have a beagle that is 18 months and had severe itching. I found a website that suggested the dog has allergies to grain products so I changed his food to GO Natural grain free dog food and also gave him omega 3 with dinner. The itching stopped! And he seems to like the food better. This works! The Omega came from

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By Judy Z. 1 07/16/2013 Flag

Most hunting dog breeds secrete oil from their skin to help their fur repel water. This also caused their extreme itching problems. I just started the fish oil, but we have gotten some relief by shampooing her withe tail and mane shampoo (it gets rid of a great deal of the oil) every two weeks. Lots of brushing helps also by getting rid of all the excess fur they shed. and baby powder in between shampoos. Oh yes, and the benedryl. That helps a lot with her itching. It is the nature of these dogs. You just have to keep up with a routine. Also keep their bedding free of their fur by running through the dryer once or twice a week. (It also gets rid of dust mites)

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