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Ideas for a Candyland Prom

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My school is having a Candyland themed prom, but we want another name for it. Any suggestions?



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By Melody T. [5]01/30/2010

Sweet Dreams
Sugar Rush
Sweet On You

By Erin813 [25]01/24/2010

Other NAMES for a Candyland Prom. (Sorry for corniness, I hope you can combine parts of one or some, or a whole one.. or at least I hope you get some more brainstorming going):

1. Sweetheart's Ball
2. Shake Your Bon Bon Prom
3. Sweet Times Night
4. Sweet & Go (because of the graduates' year end), a spin off the sugar-like Sweet N' Low
5. Sugar Ville
6. Guys & Lollies (instead of Guys & Dolls)
7. Confection Affection Night
8. Love & Candy
9. Sugar Stop
10. Hugs & Kisses
11. Sugar Rush
12. Once Upon a Candy Shop
13. Candy Wonderland
14. Sweetheart's Paradise

I hope that helped a bit!


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Archive: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

I was thinking of doing a Candyland theme for our prom next year, and I was wondering if anyone out there has any ideas. Has anyone had a Candyland themed prom? If so, what did you do for decorations and all that?


RE: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

Use colorful construction paper and swirl glue in the center and add glitter. It'll be lollipops and line the walls with them. Make a craft pole painted white lined with red piping=candy cane. (06/02/2005)

RE: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

I was in charge of a Candyland home coming theme. It was by far one of the best dances our school has ever had. Our wood shop class helped make two gingerbread men with a whole in it so you can stick your face in it. You can charge 3$ to get a Polaroid picture and donate the money to your school or a hospital. We also had extravagant candy pathways with giant candy cane fences. Have clubs and things help participate and assign them "jobs" it gets everyone involved, lowers the cost, and adds spirit. Good luck. (09/12/2005)

RE: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

How about making papier mache peanut M and M's? (07/12/2007)

By Robbie

RE: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

Here is a really cute idea I saw in a book. They made a big garland that looked like over-sized wrapped hard candies strung together. They used clear plastic salad containers (the ones with matching lids) and wrapped them in colored cellophane (the kind used to wrap big gift baskets). The cellophane was twisted on each end to look like a wrapped candy. Then all the "candies" were wired together.

I think they also made starlight mints using white Styrofoam plates, red construction paper "swirls" and clear cellophane. The thing that made these decorations really cute was their over-sized, whimsical quality. Good luck with your prom. (05/23/2008)

By Bettsi

RE: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

For the night of the dance, take large colorful poster boards and lay them on the ground and make a trail from the entrance, to the area of the dance. It will act like the game spaces from the "Candyland board game". People will follow the trail to the room where the dance will be held. (09/01/2008)

By Matt

RE: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

Just thought I would share these ideas. We are doing the Candyland theme for my daughter's birthday and we are using solid color round paper lanterns from oriental and wrapping them in clear cellophane and hanging them for decorations.

Also you might want to use some of those candycane yard decorations that are at Walmart for a $1.00 each. If you watch after the holidays you could get them for practically nothing. Keep this in mind for other decorations as well after Christmas sales are the best. Hope these help.

I haven't done this yet, but my friend told me to use two liter bottles and cut 5 - 6 inches from the bottom off, turn upside down and paint them in different colors and dust with sugar to make gumdrop props. Let me know if this helps. (10/28/2008)

By Susan R.

RE: Ideas for a Candyland Prom

I am having a Candyland themed party for my daughter's fifth birthday and am decorating each table with such areas that one would land on in the game like at Lord Licorice, gingerbread, etc. and between the tables I am putting colored squares as if they are playing the game and the cake and present table will be the end of the game which will be the area of King Candy.

I am also renting a cotton candy machine, face painting and different size clear jars of loose candy such as gum drops, licorice, jelly beans, and a gum ball machine. This is a kids party but, if you keep it exciting and colorful I think it will turn out great. (12/01/2008)

By Letty

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