Cleaning Plastic Dish Strainer


I need something to help me clean my plastic dish strainer. It has a build up of soap, I do not have the money to buy another one. I know its only a couple dollars for one, but money is tight.




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By Marty Dick 163 955 11/27/2007

I use vinegar to remove soap buildup from many things. You can also soak your shower head in it and it will take the mineral deposits from water right off.

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By April 187 451 11/27/2007

Sometimes soaking in very hot water, then using an old toothbrush will start to loosen it--then pat dry and transfer it to a bowl of vinegar

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By Christine Biernat 8 91 11/28/2007

Try using a dab of shampoo on it and scrubbing with a washcloth, then rinse with hot water. The dandruff kind works great. I use it in the bathroom to clean the fixtures of soap scum buildup! Use an old toothbrush for any small hard to reach spaces.

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By Karyn (Guest Post) 11/28/2007

Soak it in hot water with a little bleach. Will lift off all the build up very quickly with no scrubbing.

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By Doris Snoeck 1 8 11/30/2007

When I have some extra space in my dishwasher, I put it in with a load of dishes and it comes out like new

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 11/30/2007

You might have hard water. You can make a vinegar solution with hot water in the sink and immerse the rack for a half hour.

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By (Guest Post) 12/03/2007

I seriously doubt this person has a dishwasher...all the other hints will work though

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By Mary 12 195 12/04/2007

And why should you buy a new one when you have one that is perfectly fine? I say run a sink of hot water and soak it, even if you have to do it one end at a time. If this doesn't loosen the soap scum enough to wipe it free, then take a scrub brush to it.

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