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Removing Hard Water Stains in an Aquarium

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I have a fish tank with two goldfish and a red eared slider turtle in it. I have some hard water/foggy stains on part of the glass that is not under water now. How do I clean the glass without killing the turtle and his pets? The tank is 30 gallons, and there is about 25-27 gallons of water in it.

Laura from Arizona



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By Laura (Guest Post)03/21/2008

THANK YOU all. I used the razor technique as I JUST cleaned out the turtle and fish. The razor worked well. :)

By Beth [25]03/20/2008

If you don't want to empty it, you can use a razor blade to scrape it off.

By Linda (Guest Post)03/20/2008

If you have something else to put the turtle and fish in for a little bit, just lay the aquarium on its side and soak a hand towel in vinegar then lay it on the water stain for a half hour or so. Rotate the tank and do the same with all four sides. It should come right off. Then rinse the tank and your good to go. I would tell you to fill the tank but thats alot of vineager and you dont want to dilute it that much because it wont work. Vineager is good for alot of things. Good luck

By june (Guest Post)03/20/2008

try vinegar

By Susanfrom hamilton (Guest Post)03/20/2008

i bought a magnet scrubber. it looks like a card stamp but has a powerful magnet on one side and the other side has a scrubber pad. one side goes on the inside of the tank and the other on the outside.
you just move your side around and the scrubber cleans off the inside of the tank. can be easily moved to each side of the tank. pet store should have them.

By Marty [4]03/19/2008

Empty the tank and scour with salt. Rinse well and you're good to go. I've done this with my aquariums for several years.

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