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Removing Dried Concrete from Vinyl House Siding

How can I get concrete off my vinyl siding? The fellow who did our sidewalk was sloppy and we have concrete up the side of the house. It's hard and has been there for about 3 weeks.

By Sheila from Ontario, Canada

Recent Answers

By Karen02/10/2011

You seem to be handling it better than I would haha, If I paid someone for work they would most definitely be taking care of any collateral damage they caused! I would try a regular nail. Just hold it like a pen and scrape off with the point.

By Lee [4]11/13/2010

I feel your pain the same thing happened to me. I did not want to scatch the sideing so I tryed a wooden spoon, NO that did not work, Your not going to like this but the only thing that worked was my finger nail. Later I talked to a friend that works with concrete and he did the same thing.

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