Getting Rid of Snakes Inside the Walls of a House


I bought a house made of cinder blocks, that had been taken over by the jungle for 7 years. The fascia boards had rotted so the snakes were able to get down into the walls. How can I get rid of them?

By kassandrasas from Central America


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By Joan 2 167 03/19/2011

Even though the fascia boards are gone there should be a board running along the top of the cement blocks for nailing the rafters to. The blocks are staggered so I'm thinking it would be difficult for the snakes to go down very far. I'm inclined to think they'd be in the ceiling if anywhere as it gets quite warm up there which snakes love.

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I would call around to a few pest control companies and ask them what the best safe ways there are to remove them. I also just Googled "how to remove snakes from house" there are oodles of links with instructions there.

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By Dottie 2 10 03/23/2011

Snakes visit me every spring. I use moth balls in my yard and under my front porch. Has always been effective. Be careful with them if you have pets.

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