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Reusing a Clothes Dryer Drum

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Clothes dryer drums make fine recycle barrels, planters, and small burn barrels. I wouldn't be surprised if they could be used for a number of things I haven't thought of. I have found some have a plate of metal on one end with a lot of holes, and some come with no plate at all, also they have plastic "fins" screwed into the inside of the drum. taken off the large screw holes allow for much needed air flow.

Source: Just something I thought of while recycling my first dryer (taking it apart myself so it would be something the trash men would take).

By Cornelia M. from Oregon


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By Cora [1]05/21/2010

I don't know how much it would pay, but I would take mine to the local metal recycling center.

By Shirley [9]01/31/2010

Looks like we are all thinking the same thing....a compost bin! I would think it would also make a nice receptacle for a dry well. Or if an upcycle project can't be thought of, be sure to either take it to a junkyard/recycler, or post it on either or Freecycle and someone else may be able to use it, or recycle it.

By LMay [7]01/28/2010

Great tip, great idea about using for a composter bet it could be done. I will be on the lookout for someone getting rid of a dryer to try it. Thanks

By Sherry [1]01/28/2010

I wonder if one couldn't be rigged to use as a compost bin that could be rolled once in a while? The ones the sell online are so expensive!

By tahlula [4]01/28/2010

Good tip. Although I no longer have it since my last move, I put lights in my last dryer drum discard and added a tabletop. It made a nice funky glowing table with light coming through all of the small holes in the base.

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