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Cookbook Software or Template

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Is there any free software to make my own cookbook?

By Jayne from Ireland


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Check this link out and it's a free safe one :-) ... 18642.aspx?CategoryID=CT101445101033

By Suntydt [75]01/11/2011

You have lots of options. The best way to start is with a template for Microsoft Office or Excel. Whichever you are comfortable with or have access to. Just go to and search for "Microsoft Cookbook template word excel", you'll get the results.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Cookbook Software or Template

I am hoping to do a cookbook for my church. It is a bigger task than I expected. Does anyone know of a good software program or template I could use?


RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Hi Brenda, I have no idea of a software program or template, but I would love to know when you are ready to sell your cookbooks! Bless you. (08/03/2006)

By Tedebear

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

check out: It offers an excellent program that is a database for organizing all your recipes. It comes with a lot of recipes but you can add, delete and sort. It sounds like it would be a big help to you or anyone who wants to organize their recipes, and even make a cookbook. (08/03/2006)

By Margaret

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

I use to self publish my books. They have a spiral coil bound option that is perfect for cookbooks. Email me at alex_and_michelle AT if you need more info or help formatting your book, if you choose to use lulu to make it :) (08/03/2006)

By Michelle

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

How about making a cookbook cd instead of a printed book. Just an idea. This is free software for your own recipe collection. I love this, I have over 1000 recipes on this now. And you can download it to a cd.

If not, here's something that might help:

Information on creating your own personalized cookbook for fun or profit. Visit Fundcraft for your free information and check out Their Recipe of the Day. (08/03/2006)

By micksgirl

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Here is a good link! (08/03/2006)

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

This is just what I have been searching all day to find. A group of girls that I work with would like to put together a neighborhood cookbook, for free, as a service project, so I want to find a free template, or help somewhere, everything so far charges, any more ideas? Thanks, Tammy. (09/18/2006)

By Tammym07

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Just a hint, templates has a cookbook template and so does better homes and gardens, I'm not sure these are what I'm looking for so I'm still searching.... Tammy (09/18/2006)

By Tammym07

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Try The Living Cookbook? (05/29/2007)

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

I bought Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook Software from the Cookbook People and I absolutely love it. It comes with something like 25 different design templates, including 5 or 6 church themed ones. I used the Stained Glass template for our church. Very easy to use. They have a birthday calendar, address book and biography thing built into it too that you can use without any hassle. Go check it out at (07/10/2007)

By LindaMason

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

I wound up buying the software Linda recommended here from the Cookbook People. Gosh, it's got a lot of templates. I'm sticking one of the templates in this post to give you an idea. (11/06/2007)

By GingerAnderson

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

or check the back of a better homes and gardens magazine, for cookbook printers (12/11/2007)

By heather

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

I am also looking at templates for a Church Fellowship Meal Cookbook. I would have liked it to be free but the ones I found are not very good. I would like to insert pictures and also have a nutritional information calculator. Is there any at an inexpensive price? Denise (12/19/2007)

By Denise

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Reading all the posts, I am ready to buy the Matilda software and binding kit from the Cookbook People also. However I discovered this link when I was on a Microsoft Canada website and was able to download and open in my MS Word 2003 Professional. I saved this and a few other downloads in My Documents folder and am anxious to start my own cookbook. Happy holidays to all! (12/21/2007)

By gzsowers

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

I tried using MS Word to create a fund raising cookbook and it was such a chore. Also, the bad thing about doing it in Word is that printers don't like word. I ended up having to put the whole thing in a publishing software, Quark I think it was. Recently I found the Matilda's Fantastic Cookbook Software and it not only formats automatically and makes your table of contents for you, it can be turned into a format that printers like. A truly fantastic find! (07/31/2008)

By Kazandra

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Here's one great for family cookbooks - add your family names and emails, they can each log in and add recipes. Saves the editor tons of work. Tons of covers and divider options, too. (08/26/2008)

By Chip

Archive: Cookbook Software or Template

I want to make family cookbooks for my daughters this Christmas. Does anyone have suggestions as to any free software or templates that are available to make cookbooks? Thanks so much!

Laurie from Des Moines, IA

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

A web site publishes real books, with hard covers and all. The smallest, soft cover and cheapest is 9$. They provide a software that is really fun to use and you can print it out on your home printer to "proof" it or just publish it in your own home. (11/25/2008)

By Rose

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Microsoft Works Task launch has a recipe book template under Works Database. (11/26/2008)

By Ms April

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

I found two templates on HP's site. I haven't tried them, but they look to be user friendly. (12/11/2008)

By lovethecritters

Archive: Cookbook Software or Template

I'm looking for free easy cookbook software which especially includes an explanation on how to print and easily collate the pages. I want to make a cookbook with recipes on both sides of the pages, printed at home. Also, I would like it to offer different size pages and binding choices. I haven't found any replies that are exactly what I need.

Jean from Illinois

RE: Cookbook Software or Template

Go to It's fantastic and that's all they do. You can use your own recipes, pull in some from cookbooks, whatever and it organizes everything. Good luck. (01/31/2009)


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