Painting a Bedroom with Ohio State Colors


I want to paint my son's bedroom Ohio State colors. Red, black, grey, and white. He has a red bed spread with the white black and grey emblem on it. What should I paint his walls? Should I paint two walls one color and the other two walls another color?

Bridget from Ohio


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By Jill 4 738 05/26/2006

How fun! I think I would go with 3 pale grey walls, one red wall, and a white ceiling. I think I would pick up the black with accents: pillows, curtains or valances, mini-blinds, maybe black furniture pieces (if you have some that you could paint--like a bookshelf or storage chest.)

If you feel adventurous, you could add some graphics in black, like some lines or shapes.

If you take the bedspread in to the paint store, they ought to be able to match the shade of red closely.

If his floors are not carpeted, you could also do a floor cloth--relatively inexpensive to do, but big impact (and easy to "undo" later!) You could also put the emblem onto a piece of foam core art board, and paint it. Then cut that out and fasten to his wall. (Be aware that if you paint one side of foam core, you should paint the other side, too, or it will want to curl a bit.)

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By Carrie 2 351 05/30/2006

Stripes. Use blue paint tape.

Don't paint the ceiling white--after all that work on the room. Paint it two shades lighter than one of the colors. Be careful, because lighter red is pink.

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By Michele G (Guest Post) 11/24/2007

We finished painting our son's bedroom tonight. I was on-line looking for a bedspread when I ran across your posting. We went to Home Depot to get the correct colors. They have a booklet with the exact colors for each school (Ohio State is on the cover). His walls are grey and we painted a black stripe, white stripe, red stripe, white and then black again to look like the stripe going through the football helmet. The stripe runs across all 4 walls just below the center of the wall. The room looks fantastic. We were very excited how well it turned out.

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By (Guest Post) 08/05/2008

Excuse me, but you have it all wrong. It's not Red, Gray and White. It's SCARLET and Gray. A True Ohio State fan would know that. And it looks like your not one. Go Bucks!

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