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Pit Bull Chewing Problem

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I have a Pit Bull that chews everything she gets her mouth around. She will chew wood toys, rugs, beds, and drywall. What kind of toys can Pits have? She chews every kind of toy I get. How can I stop her from chewing the house up?

By John


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By Marcie [6]04/13/2011

Another idea is to make sure your puppy gets enough exercise and attention. That helps tire the dog out and cures the boredom factor that often leads to the bad behavior. Nice long walks and play involving running and fetching will make a big difference. Then gentle correction when you see chewing on the wrong items.

By alex rice [4]04/13/2011

My Pit does the same thing! She has already demolished 4 kings, but I would try the strongest kong they have!

RE: Pit Bull Chewing Problem

By jilliebean9700 [6]04/12/2011

They have a spray that is safe for furniture & dogs that makes it taste sour so the dog wont like the taste & will learn to leave that alone. Artlady is right the large nylabones & kongs are great for keeping them busy. Good luck.

By Debby [21]04/12/2011

Check out the Kongs. My dog is an aggressive chewer. The extreme Kongs have been great for my dog. He can destroy just about anything. The nylabones are also great. One of those lasts my dog about a month before I have to replace it because he's chewed it apart.

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