Hydrosil Heating Question

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Does anyone have any advice about buying HydroSil heaters? I'm looking for a way to lower my propane heating costs at my fishing cabin in Missouri. Thanks.


By Jim from Bellevue, NE

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December 5, 2010

Since '04 our primary home is heated solely by hydro-sil heaters. We have found that they have saved us a minimum of 30 and during some months up to 40-ish % over the old TPI non silicone filled 20 year old electric baseboard heaters which we replaced.

I've read some comments about hydro-sil's being noisy. this can be the case if you are pushing too many amps through your existing thermostat. we had this problem with [2] 8 foot silicone units in our master bedroom. we replaced the old Honeywell thermostat with hydro-sils digital programmable one which handles up to 4000 watts and All of the noise went away. The upstairs now runs as quite as our great room.

I find it odd that folks will spend big bucks for these heaters, but cheap out on the thermostat. Count the wattage, figure your amperage and check your existing thermostat which today only handle 22 amps.

chances are you have a mismatch and you are slowly burning up the points in your old thermostat. By all means go digital, far better control over the vague "comfort zone" marked ones of the old days.

I also read lots of hoo-haa about USA made ones being quieter than their Chinese counterparts. If hydro-sil has USA made units in stock, you can request them. "As much as I vastly prefer products made in the states to perceived china crap, all save for one of the hydro-sils in our primary residence are Chinese made and they are all noiseless. We've had zero problems whatsoever!

I'll sum it up like this... my wife and I believe so strongly in hydro-sil, that we looked long and hard for a large lot of nice used ones for our cottage. I stress the word USED as we didn't want to spend heavily for new ones during this economic downturn, but realized fully our old baseboard heaters in the cottage were bleeding us financially each month.

I found/purchased a lot of 11 very clean used silicone filled USA built hydro-sils with 5 hydro-sil digital thermostats for $900 this week! So don't let the word used scare you as hydro-sils are built to last. Do some looking on the net because as we found there are at times folks that bought one too many and have brand new ones in the box for substantially less. Granted warranty does not transfer, but there is always a trade off when you wanna saving money.

For my money, hydro-sil is simply the best baseboard heater money can buy.

I should also add, that there is a cousin to the hydro-sil brand called Qmark. I am told that Marley manufacturers both namesakes and that they are identical. However, be warned that hydro-sil has a lifetime warranty and Qmark a 1 year warranty. Qmark is considerably cheaper than hydro-sil but you are losing length of warranty. it appears as though they distinguish the 2 lines by different lengths of the heater as well. Do some checking into both and make your decision on what is important, price or warranty.

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November 17, 2013

I have had several 110 hydro soil heaters over the years. I cannot measure any real difference in my electric bill when they are on. We kept one room almost 80 degrees for an aged person. I have had to replace a couple parts on the temp control burnt always have received free parts.

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Archive: Hydrosil Heating Question

With home heating oil so expensive this year, I am considering ordering a Hydrosil portable heater for my living room. My dear husband sits in the living room during the winter with the furnace wide open and I am wondering if I purchase one if I can get by with less gas heat?

This will run on 110 v and has a thermostat that you can set. Once the room becomes the temp you want it will shut itself off. I just want some input on this product if anyone has used them before.

They aren't real expensive but I hate to spend a couple of hundred dollars and have it not make a difference in our heating costs.



RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I bought a Hydrosil portable heater a couple of years ago, used it once and then put it in the garage. I do plan on giving it another try this year though because of the high cost of gas heat.

If I remember correctly, it did not come with a guarantee or else I have to believe I would have sent it back. The only info I could find on it was from their own website and I would expect that to be very biased.

There is no fan on it and I never felt its warmth. I tried it in the fall before I ever turned on the furnace so I did not expect it to perform well in cold weather as it did so poorly in cool weather . Baking something in the oven provided a greater heat source.

I hope this helps you. I would still like to see some responses though from actual customers saying they had great success before I go digging around in the garage for this oversized, space heater that I can't see providing much heat.

By Catherine

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I was thinking about purchasing a Hydrosil portable heater, but before I decided to purchase from Hydrosil.com, I did a check through the Better Business Bureau on the company. Based on the BBB's report, the company had an unsatisfactory business record based on sales practice issues, refund issues, and service repair issues. So, I have decided that I will not waste my money on this product. It seemed too good to be true anyway. (11/15/2005)

By Cathy

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

This is a shame. It looks like a wonderful idea. In the future, when we are harnessing more solar and wind power, electric heat will be the way to go. A clean source of electricity and heat. (12/02/2005)

By John

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

We purchased five units for 2 homes and are exremely satisfied with the performance. Also we had a problem with a part being left out of one of hte packings and the company responded quickly to the problem and sent it right away.

Our electricity bill changed very little in both homes and the gas bill was about the same as last year although it would have doubled had we not had the heaters as it's increased so much. Areas we placed the heaters are toasty warm. We set our thermostat and they kick in with the proper amount of supplemental heat. We are so glad we checked them out - went to the company for the presentation and made our choice. They were very helpful. Can't understand what is the problem with these dissatisfied consumers. We've recommended them to others and can't say enough about how they've worked for us. (01/28/2006)

By ET and Sue

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

If you can control your existing system and not heat unused space beyond a minimum, I can't see how Hydrosil can help. It's electric heat, and a certain number of watts produces a certain amount of heat, no matter what the medium. You might as well use any electric space heater that suits the space, maybe an oil-filled radiator, a radiant unit or whatever. (07/23/2006)

By Ray

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I purchased one this summer, because I am not looking forward to facing another cold year in our 115 year old home. We have electric heat that is not only expensive, but useless with our 12 foot ceilings. We tried space heaters, adding plastic to the windows, insulating the attic and under the floors, and put in a gas fireplace. We sleep with electric blankets, and that's nice.
So I orderd a Hydrosil heater and put in the coldest room in the house - my office. The room is pretty large and the heater does keep it comfortable. I keep the doors closed and enjoy being in here. I haven't received an electric bill yet, but we've only had to use the heat two days so far.

I'm going to hydrosil to order a few more heaters. It really does seem to work. (10/24/2006)

By eldragon

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I purchased hydrosil heaters to heat 5 rooms on my third floor. I haven't had a reason to turn them on just yet so my comments are only about customer service. It was wonderful. Ordering was easy. They were very helpful with sizing the radiators to the rooms. Shipping was fast. My electrician tells me the installation instructions were clear and they were easy to install. One room is octagonal and I screwed up on the size of the wall and had to exchange a heater. They were very accomodating. So far its been a good experience. (11/01/2006)

By Tracy LaRou

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I've had 2 customer experiences with Hydrosil:

1) I installed 2 six foot sections connected to their programmable thermostat. Worked as well as can be expected.

2) I ordered 2 additional six foot sections with a programmable thermostat for each. Upon receipt, both heaters were extremely banged up; scratched and bent in several places. Hydrosil replaced them. Upon receipt of the second set, only one of them was bent this time. It was bent in the back so I didn't make a big deal. Now to hook them up. My electrician wired them and couldn't get the thermostats to work. Hydrosil tech support treated him like an idiot only to come to the conclusion that the thermostats were defective. Now to replace them. Hydrosil actually wanted us to call the thermostat manufacturer that they sub to so that they would replace them even though we ordered the units from them. Customer service was awful. The service rep cut me off many times...refused to let me finish a sentance...didn't want to listen to the whole customer experience story. What are they paying this guy for? I'm still waiting on replacements. Meanwhile I have $960.00 dollars of equipment installed and not functional in the middle of winter. GOOD TIMES!!!! I would not use hydrosil again.

By Chris

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I have purchased a Hydro-Sil heater and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It doesn't put out ANY warmth. I called the company and was laughed at and rudely told it does not come with any guarantee. They were very pleasant when I bought the unit but absolutely the rudest people when I had a problem. It has never worked and I can't get anyone to do anything about it. Don't make my mistake. (01/07/2007)

By mary williams

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

My elderly mother converted her 40+ year home from oil heat to Hydrosil heat. We cannot say enough good things about the heat. The silicon heat technology and LIFETIME warranty are the absolute best way to go with heat. The electrician that installed the heaters called Hydrosil several times and found the customer service to be excellent. I would recommend Hydrosil to anybody. The electrician decided to order these heaters for his home. (01/08/2007)

By Dean Hicks

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I have both portable heaters and permanent heaters from Hydrosil. I have never been happier with a heating source. One of my portable heaters was damaged in shipping, but I realized it to be the carrier, not Hydrosil. Hydrosil did however, replace my portable at no cost to me. They could not have been more helpful. I highly recommend their products! (01/09/2007)

By Kathy

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

Wow. I had made my mind up to purchase a hydrosil heater until I read all the neg feedbacks. This can't be good so as my grand dad would say if it sounds to good to be true then it usually isn't. Thank God for feedbacks. How can this company survive?(quote)(/quote) (02/14/2007)

By terry lawrence

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I, too, was about to purchase an 8-ft unit for an addition, but this product is either wonderful or awful. Before I have my electrician install it, it would be nice to see a few more positive posts that are recent. (03/16/2007)

By Susan

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I have a 5 ft portable for my master bedroom which the unit is too small (190 sq ft.)for. I ran a test today in my computer room which is 130 sq ft. My main objective is comfort and electric cost. I locked myself in the computer room for 3 hours and turned my gas heat off. It's a 30 degree day. I turned the unit all the way up until it was warmmmm.Then I kicked it backed to about 5 or 6. I put a thermometer in the room. The room was about 68 to 70 degrees and it really felt warm from head to toe. So I have my comfort. So what about electric cost. I really don't know that since the whole house is not being heated this way. I called the company and worked with a tech rep that was just wonderful.

He said my cost would be a liitle over ten dollars a month for this room keeping it at 70 degrees on a zero temp day. The heat light that tells when the electricity is been used only came on about 15 to 20 minutes in a hour. That's where the silicon comes in. I'm planning to build a new home. So what I saw for myself, this probably is the heating source I want to use. The unit was not on all the time in this test situation.

It could differ for others based on how insulated your home is and how high your ceiling are plus the temp outside. Here is direct heat w/o having heat travel thru ducts. The permenant heaters with the wall thermostat are 10% more efficient then the portable ones because they are 220v vs 110V based on Hydrol-Sil's comments. Also don't buy heaters too small for the room. They will over work and cost you more electric. The 130 sq. ft room test for this size heater was (In my opinion) an accurate test.

By Rfjack

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

My wife and I have installed Hydrosil Heaters in each room of our house. We are very pleased with the convenience and operation of the Hydrosil. We especially like the clean air, and the ability to use or not use a heater in each room.
As good as the heaters are, I am writing this letter because you have a gentleman by the name of Jay Strause in sales who was very kind and helpful.

With my business I have had contact with many people and I can honestly tell you that Jay Strause is one of the best people I have ever dealt with. I have and do appreciate his help and he is also very informative.


By Wil Leese

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I have been researching Hydrosil, as I want to convert my garage into a heated workshop. Based on the comments I have seen on Hydrosil, it would interesting to know if any of these posts are from people living in New England. As cold as winters get up here, I want to ensure that the space I heat with Hydrosil in the garage (after insulating) will not be a waste of $$. Since the company is out of SC, it makes me wonder if these units work best in "warmer" climates. Any advice is welcome. (05/28/2007)

By ldstuart

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I did the 4/6/07 post about the product. I live by Chicago so it gets cold here by Lake Michigan. Hydro-sil claims they sell to many cold areas in the country. I have a portable one from the company.
I did the test in a 130 sq ft bedroom and I was impressed. Please read my post. (05/28/2007)

By RFJack

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I did the post from 4/6/07. I live by Chicago so it really gets cold here. The company claims that they sell to many cold areas in the country. (05/28/2007)

By Rfjack

Archive: Hydrosil Heating Question

What do you know about hydrosil heaters?

Dolores from Wareham, MA


RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I've owned and used a portable (not Hydrosil) oil filled heater for 20 years. They are very efficient. Unlike electric heaters that cycle on and blast you with hot air, then cycle off and leave you cold, the oil heats up and cools down gradually and therefore continues to give off heat even when the power cycles off. I use mine in a small bedroom/office and it keeps it quite comfortable.
I've been looking into Hydrosil for a permanent (baseboard) heating solution in my basement family room. They seem to be the only one that makes that type of oil filled heater. But, after reading the problems that some people have had with the company, I'm thinking twice about buying from them. The good reviews could be an effort by Hydrosil to offset the bad reviews many of which sounds like valid complaints. I think I'll have to do more a little more research.
rbcook99 (at) hotmail (dot) com (09/08/2007)

By Bob from Wareham, MA

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

We bought two 5ft Hydrosil 220V units almost 3 years ago to replace the 1970s wall units in my home office of about 150 s.f.

This room has 12ft ceilings, R12 insulation, one fairly drafty window and a very drafty old sliding door. I also live in the hills of western, MA at about 1,800ft - the winters are cold and very windy here.

I spend about 10 hours each day in my home office and have been very happy with these Hydrosil units. They heat up the room quickly, even on the coldest days. I usually put plastic over the slider during the winter, but didn't get to it last year - and didn't really notice a difference. It was a more mild winter and the room stayed warm and comfortable.

We did notice the cost went down our first winter with just these two 5 ft units. Our whole house is electric heat and I'm planning to replace the other 6 units (2 ft - 8 ft) with Hydrosil for this coming winter.

We didn't experience any of the shipping, service or installation issues that others have complained about here. Our electrician simply swapped out the old units for the new units and was done with the installation in about 20 minutes. We kept our old thermostats in place. In fact, I'd consider installing the new units myself if I wasn't petrified of electrocuting myself.

As I mentioned, the units we bought arrived in great shape, so we had no reason to contact the company about anything after the fact. In today's world, I always expect a company's customer service to be bad. Try calling your bank or cell phone company and see if you even get someone who lives in the USA and speaks English ;) If you happen to find the rare company that actually cares about customer service, that's definitely a good thing, but I've learned not to expect that.

Actually, there's not much to these Hydrosil units that can go wrong. Just a case, a fluid tube and some heating fins... Some of the complaints were about case damage, dents, etc.., this stuff happens in shipping all the time and is not really the fault of the company really. The units were shipped in very heavy cardboard boxes when we ordered them, so they'd probably really have to be mis-handled and beat-up by the shipper to have dents, but again this happens a lot. And, as far as bad tech-support.., I can't remember the last time I contacted anyone's tech support and not been treated as a simpleton. That's just the nature of most technically minded people.

The point I'm making is.., I'm not trying to defend Hydrosil if they do have bad customer service..., it's just that if this product fits a need you have and will save you money over time, then get it. I don't know of any similar product yet - and have been quite happy with it. I'm willing to bet that in the three years I've had these units, that I've already saved the purchase price. And the best part is that I'm nice and WARM in this typically cold New England hilltop office!


By Steve

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

After doing more research I've found that Qmark heaters are identical to the heaters that Hydro-Sil sells. They are available from F.N. Cuthbert Inc. (link at top of page) and other sellers through Amazon.com. If you plan on buying more than one, the savings can be significant.
The PTS-1 thermostat (aka Honeywell/Aube TH106) is also available from Amazon and other sellers for less. (09/28/2007)

By Bob from Wareham, MA

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I installed several Hydro-sil units four or five years ago. They replaced standard electric baseboard heaters in part of our old (largely uninsulated, basement-less) farmhouse. Our experience with the product has been outstanding, and I am just about to replace all remaining older electric baseboard heaters with Hydro-sil units. Additionally, I am no handyman, but had no problems connecting the Hydo-sil heaters to the existing wiring. We live in an area that does not have severe winters in terms of prolonged periods of very low temperatures, but we're near the ocean and winter winds are very strong. (11/06/2007)

By Perry Fisher

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

Thank you Jeff I have never been so satisfied with a company warranty and service as I am with hydro-sill when I bought them I thought it would be like most companies that give lifetime warranty.

If it quit working after a year it was well its not for your life time it's the life time of the product, or or that is a failure not covered, all I can say if you buy from hydro-sil you will get great service.

I called after about 9 years talked to customer service to Mr. Jeff Robins he was very polite and told me to send them back which I did, it took only one week and they sent new ones and they paid to ship them back, I got the three things I all ways look for from a company, they where understanding polite and stood behind there product. 110%, Jeff Robins was very polite, you cannot go wrong with Hydro-sil!

Thanks for your service. Richard cope Central City KY

P.S. The heaters actually cut my heating bill over half I heated with propane gas I had 500 gallon tank and had to fill it twice in the winter, at a cost of 92Cents gal, my electric bill which normally run about 65$ during the winter went up to about $40.00 made us very happy. (11/14/2007)


RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I am simply amazed as well as very surprised by what HydroSil had to offer. They had given me a average operating cost, and I'll be damned if it wasn't right on the money. They based their operating cost on an average of 12 cent electric rate and on an insulated house and it is very close that it almost scary. Very professional as well as great technical support. And they are American made. They believe in keeping it at home. Good job! (12/01/2007)

By 1sophie

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I am practically sitting on top of one right now and can barely feel it. My toaster gives off more heat! (12/18/2007)

By MJ in Maine

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

BEWARE OF HYDROSIL. Their website has "lifetime warranty" in a big banner on the front, but they do not accept returns or issue refunds.

I forked out a couple of hundred dollars for this heater, because the web site claims it basically last forever, unlike cheaper ones, and it is American made. All that money, lost, which as an elderly person I can ill afford.

I was unhappy with their portable heater, because it had a strong burning paint smell even after I let it run overnight (in the garage, I couldn't stand to have it in the house) and because there is no protective guard on the very sharp metal fins, endangering babies or pets.

No refunds after shipment! they told me.

By trudyjh

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I installed two four foot 220V Hydrosil units in a 20x12 sunporch last spring and have used them this fall and winter. Temperatures have been down as low as 16 degrees. The performance has been excellent. Floors are warm with no drafts. My light bill for December was less than $100. This includes water heating, cooking, washer/dryer and lights. No problems. (01/12/2008)

By Harry.

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

This company's service/technical dept. is outstanding. I had a problem with one of my Hydrosil units. There were no questions asked, they determined the unit to be defective and all that was asked of me was to send the unit back to them and a few days later I received the new unit. I am once again a happy camper. I can't say enough about this fine company. Thanks again. (01/31/2008)

By Earl E. Babcock

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I have had a portable Hydrosil for about 4 years. The thermostat quit working once and I called Hydrosil. They had another thermostat in the mail that day. In Texas it does not stay cold for long periods and we use the heater on the sunporch for the dogs. They love it and I can see a definite dip in my heating bill with it. (03/03/2008)

By Mike Wesley

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

The heaters are junk. They aren't any more efficient than the 25 year old fin tube heaters I replaced and we have cold winters in the UP of Michigan. Sure am sorry I spent the 2500 dollars to replace the ones I had. (03/05/2008)

By lenny

Archive: Hydrosil Heating Question

I am researching info about these Hydrosil heaters. I currently have a houseful of the old electric style baseboards. They are efficient and I am able to keep my all electric household on a reasonable budget. I can't decide if I really need these new silicone replacements. Any feedback would be appreciated.



RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

We've had a 5-ft. Hydrosil heater (110 volt) for around 14 yrs. The thermostat went out 3-4 yrs. ago, and a call to the company got a new one on its way with no cost to us.
We use the heater in an added-on porch room with 8 windows that is rarely used in the wintertime except for over-wintering plants and as a sleeping room for our outside dog in bad weather. This is our only source of heat in this room, and we keep it cool - around 55 degrees. We'd have preferred a 220 volt unit, but running a 220 line would have been difficult. We have been extremely pleased with our heater and would not hesitate to buy another one if needed. We live in Indiana (04/29/2008)

By SharonKK

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I had a hydrosil hardwired in my barn in the tack room and I love it - I live in Maine so it gets really cold. I have not had to turn the thermostat beyond 1 1/2 (goes 1-10). The heater keeps the room really toasty and doesn't dry out my leather riding tack like my old electric baseboard heater did and it's very cost effective. We are finishing a huge four season room that is about 900+ sq feet and are going to have hydrosil baseboards installed. The initial unit cost is more than a traditional baseboard unit but the savings on the utility bill and the quality of the heat is well worth it. (06/25/2008)


RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I bought one about 1995, and recently bought another for this past winter 2007-2008. Since the fins they replaced were circa-1960, the Hydrosil blew it out of the water in terms of heat, comfort, and electric bill. (07/12/2008)

By Roberta

Hydrosil Heating/cooling Question

I live in Minnesota and I am interested in Hydrosil ductless split system to heat and cool our basement. Can someone give me feedback on the latest product? (08/17/2008)

By ladoirie

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I am stuck with two 6' Hydrosil Heaters and two upgraded thermostats due to the "NO RETURN/NO REFUND" policy. Within days of receiving our heaters we decided to go with central HVAC and so we didn't need them. They are still in the box and we would love for you to take them off our hand at any reasonable offer. Please post and I will reply. (08/17/2008)

By Amy

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

Amy, I am interested in the heaters and thermostats you have. Email me at pdscripture AT comcast.net, with a phone number and a good time to call, and we'll talk. I am located in NH. (08/24/2008)

By PeterD39

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I have an apartment with these units and they are the best units I have ever had, I am currently remodeling a house with electric heat and I just ordered $3,000 worth of units, I will write more when I receive them, but as of now they are worth the money and are an economical and very comfortable heat. (08/26/2008)

By John Augusta

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

Amy, Do you still have Hydrosil units? I am interested in buying them for a test project.
Reach me at 978 nine two two 5518 or email wpmact AT gmail dot com (08/31/2008)

By Wayne Miller

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

AMY, Do you still have your hydrosils available? I'm looking for 2 portable 5 fts. Please email me at Sam524mom AT yahoo.com and let me know if they are still available. Thanks, Katie (09/02/2008)

By Katie

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

Amy--If you still have your hydrosil units, please let me know: wcmjr53 AT aol.com. I'm also in NH. Thanks. (09/03/2008)

By Bill

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

Are the Hydrosil units UL Listed? Maybe I missed it but I didn't see that on the website. I'd be wary of installing any electric device that is not UL Listed in my home. Thanks. (10/06/2008)

By Andy5000

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I was thinking of buying a couple hydrosils, then I found "Econo Heaters" and wow! They run cheaply! I bought 2 for less than $100.00 each. My den was so cold til I installed the first heater & then was always very warm & cozy. After a few months the switch started getting very hot & I contacted the company & they said they'd replace the entire unit but I had to pay the S&H & insurance so it was spendy.

They did send out a new unit immediately & so far that one has been ok, although you have to be extra careful of the flimsy switches. Next time, I think I'll get them hardwired & run a thermostat. They run for 3 cents an hour and the bonus (and original reason I bought one) was that they run on such low wattage that I no longer blew fuses, as I had when I was using other heaters.

I had tried a bunch of types & hated the noise, power surges, fan kicking in & lights flickering & then poof! Lol! So, the Econo heaters are excellent & I see they've recently improved them (I hope they improved the switches). I will definitely buy more and love that I can leave them on as long as I want & they make no discernible difference in my light bill. My old oil radiators really worked great but used so much electricity, and I HATE the electric heaters that kick on & blow, then kick off & suddenly the room's cold.

Those just suck up electricity and are not at all efficient & are major fire hazards. Try one Econo heater & I think you'll be hooked. One unit's supposed to heat a 10 X 10 room and they easily do. They make no sound at all. I have found that running a small fan is helpful for circulating the heat but you don't need to. This winter I will be using mine a LOT what with the high oil prices! I like the even-heat they provide.

Thanks to all who gave feedback on the Hydrosils. They sound great but they definitely use a lot more juice than Econo Heaters and much higher wattage. Plus, I'd hate to get a faulty unit & be unable to return it for a replacement. Stay snug Peeps. Check out the brutal icicles outside my window a few years back, yeck! Winter's coming, lol. (10/10/2008)

By South Dakota Chick...It's COLD here!

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RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I have 3 Hydrosils and would buy them again. I don't have a drafty house but it cuts down on the oil bill. Keeps the house nice and warm. My wood stove is down in the basement, my husband is disabled and can't go down the stairs. It was the best investment I have made. I plan on purchasing another 5ft. I purchased the 3 back in 2005 and two of them were not heating, I called the company he said, "box and ship them back we will send you new ones. With in 2 weeks I had 2 new ones." Life time warranty. They run all the time, the basement gets damp and my husband needs the warmth. We live in the Finger Lakes Area. I love Hydrosil. (11/29/2008)

By Susan S.

Archive: Hydrosil Heating Question

I am considering Hydrosil heating. What is the electric consumption and cost?



RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

My first experience with Hydrosil was in October 2006. I ordered one five foot portable heater; received it one week later; loved it; and still love it. On 11/08/08 I finally decided to order two more five foot portable heaters for the winter. But, I did not receive my heaters until January 5, 2009! I called three times while I was waiting and was told that the holdup was because they were switching to a new digital model.

My advice is this, don't bother ordering this new digital heater, unless you like a heater that buzzes really loudly! And the digital readout screen is almost impossible to see, unless you tip the heater. The new digital model heats just fine, but it is only quiet while it is heating or cooling. Once it gets to the programmed temperature, then it buzzes and vibrates constantly. Both heaters I ordered behaved the same way!

As you know Hydrosil doesn't give back your money, so lo and behold, they said they'd send me two old style heaters instead. I never really wanted the digital kind, anyway. I just wanted to have two more heaters like I ordered in 2006.

The morale of this feedback is: Beware of the new digital models. I was told that Hydrosil will be shifting to these for all their new sales. They are not made in the USA, like the older models. They are made in China, and boy, do they sound like it! I will let you know if Hydrosil makes good on their promise to send me the older style heaters before the end of winter!

By Pittsboro, NC

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I ordered a Hydrosil Heater 5 foot portable digital model, I'm still undecided. I use this heater In a 130 square ft. room that is well insulted. I liked the idea of having a digital thermostat. The heater I had previously used in this room was the old style oil radiator electric model. I always had to adjust the heat.

I was sold on the idea of Hydrosil's digital thermostat, set it and for get it. The good news is that it does heat the room very well and is very quite. After receiving the heater I noticed that the thermostat was off by about 5 degrees. I emailed the company and they replied that it may not be large enough to adequately heat the room, they said to call them for more information. I did call and a service representative said that the sensor for the digital thermostat is located directly under the thermostat near the floor and it may be reading the floor temperature. Hum. I placed a rug under the unit and it made no difference.

I'm not sure if the heater will save me any money or not. The main reason I purchased it was because of its energy savings claim. The old oil radiator worked well, but the cost to run it was ridiculous. I guess my electric bill will tell the tail. I'm still a bit frustrated of the confusing thermostat readings. If the unit continually runs then I'm sure there will be no savings. The jury is out. I live in Indiana. (01/13/2009)

By Thomas

RE: Hydrosil Heating Comment

Beware. Hydro-Sil's ads are misleading. Their ad in Popular Science said "Lifetime Warranty" so I bought a 120 volt unit.

It was delivered in early January. We read the directions, set the thermostat and plugged it in. In "never" delivered heat to the thermostat setting. Either the heat was too high or it was far below the setting. One night we woke up to 45 degrees! And it tripped the circuit breaker on our 220 volt electric box so I called the company. I said I wanted to return the unit. I explained that we had just received our heater and its problems.

The customer services person said: The unit is "not" returnable, that was on your receipt. I said, but it is defective. He said, "the unit is not returnable. Good-by." and he hung up.

So do not risk losing your investment; buy from a company that stands behind their products.


By K. Lind

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

HydroSil has been on the market for 30 years and have always tried to give customers the satisfaction they deserve. If a customer has a defective unit then we replace that unit. A customer who claims that we "do not stand behind our warranty" needs to know that we will be more than happy to replace the unit. If that unit is "Buzzing" then it needs to be replaced. If there are any issues with our products customers need to call us at 1{800} 627-9276 to take care of those problems. This a issue Hydro-Sil takes very seriously and will do whatever the customer needs to resolve the issue. (01/27/2009)

By hydrosil

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

I purchased a Hydrosil heater and it worked excellently for a year or more.
I recently had a problem with it.
Hydrosil asked me to return it to them and they would replace it.
Came home today and replacement heater was waiting for me.
My problem has been solved.

Kurt from MA (02/26/2009)

By ksb68

RE: Hydrosil Heating Question

Don't bother with Hydrosil. Pure junk. I had a unit I bought several years ago and it worked beautifully. Bought another with the new digital display and it never heated the room and almost caused a fire in the outlet because it overheated. The old analog units were made in the USA. The newer models are made in China and as is the case with most things made in China, a piece of worthless crap. (06/14/2010)

By remyno

Home and Garden Home Improvement HeatingSeptember 30, 2010
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