Getting Rid of Digger Wasps


While repairing a lawn with patch seed, we noticed small yellow jackets coming out of the ground. How can we get rid of the underground nests now, without interfering with the new growth of our lawn. Help!

ST Kate



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By CArol in PA (Guest Post) 05/16/2008

Good luck. My son almost died when he was 12 and had run the lawn mower over a nest of yellow jackets. The doctor told me he was within 15 min of death by the time I got him to the office. He was hospitalized for a week. So I am telling you to be very careful with your yellow jackets. I have a healthy respect for the little buggers. The allergist told me you can be stung one time and not be allergic and the next time be allergic. So you never know.

WE find that when you get rid of one nest they just make another nest somewhere else in the yard. So again be careful. They are especially nasty in August and the drier months of the year when the sun is hot and there is little rain.

Best of luck

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By margaret Tx (Guest Post) 05/16/2008

I don't know if this will work on digger wasps, but this is what I do for wasps. I take an old used jelly jar that has just a bit of jelly in it add water shake the jar put small holes in the lid not too big you want them to go in and get there fill but can't get out. Put a length of string and hang it up in the trees or for digger or put next to the hole. When they get in just dispose of the jar. The wasps will be dead. Try it. Hope it works. Got nothing to lose but and old jelly jar.

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By Noella 11 381 05/16/2008

There may be some good feedback here. I had yellow jackets one summer and called an exterminator. I think it was only $30. He came out with his spray can wrapped around his waist and when he saw the number of yellow jackets, he left and went back for a truck and used chemicals from the truck. Fortunately, he sprayed the whole yard and they were gone. Yellow jackets are very dangerous and as the previous poster, I, too, have a healthy respect for them!

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By jennifer 1 05/30/2008

Fill up a spray bottle with some vodka. Now you may spray the bees flying around or directly spray the nest. The vodka will actually kill the bees or wasps instantly. This works better than all those sprays on the market. This is also good for killing other bugs like ants beetles etc.
http://www.associatedcontent.com/ar ... r_vodka_kill_bugs_cleanse.html?cat=6

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Archive: Getting Rid of Digger Wasps

Do any readers know how to get rid of digger wasp nests inexpensively? I have a couple of their nest holes in my front lawn, and I have not been able to find a method that is successful in getting rid of them. They are very aggressive when I am out mowing the lawn, and I am afraid that I or someone coming up the walkway is going to get stung. Please help!

Thank you!

RE: Getting Rid of Digger Wasps

Buy a can of foam spray for wasp and bees from hardware store and spray first thing in the morning or late at night when they are sleeping. As a landscaper I have ran across ground bees quite often and after a rather nasty incident with them I researched how to get rid of them. You may find a rather large hole when you are done. (07/27/2005)

By quadmom

RE: Getting Rid of Digger Wasps

We had a nest of the wasps sprayed them and put dirt over the hole at night to completly cover them never had any more. (07/27/2005)

By Sandy

RE: Getting Rid of Digger Wasps

I used powder sevin,threw handfuls on the nest they died never had anymore since then, Annette (08/17/2005)

By italianano

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