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Homemade Mesh Pouf

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How can you make a homemade shower/bath mesh pouf?


Amy from Peoria, IL


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By (Guest Post)10/09/2008

I would also like to be able to make my own "poof" as we in our family use them daily... and yes, they are inexpensive to purchase but the quality is bad and of course, they are not made here in America, so therefore, I believe the "trouble" to make them is well worth the effort.. I have considered using basic netting from the fabric stores, fishing line, and bunching up the material to make them scrunchy type. I have, however used the aforementioned material, rolled several longish pieces and braided them together to make a homemade backscrubber to which I attached some rope to each end, works really well! have fun and be creative with it!

By wendee (Guest Post)05/05/2006

They are so inexpensive at the Dollar stores, I'd think the time and trouble, plus supplies, would make it unreasonable to make your own.

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