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Very Thirsty at Night

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Why do I feel thirsty a lot while I'm sleeping at night?

By butterfly20


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By tahlula [4]08/23/2009

Get checked for diabetes. Scary, but being informed can save your life.

By Chris Richman [9]08/23/2009

Make sure you are getting enough to drink during the day. I get thirsty at night because that is when I have time to pay attention to my body's signals. During the day I'm so busy I don't have time to pay attention.

By Tina [18]08/23/2009

Please get checked for Diabetes. Do not just get the blood test (that is not effective for most), but get they test where they make you drink a sugary drink and draw your blood sugar for 3 consecutive hours to see how your body reacts to the sugar. Thirst is a BIG diabetes symptom.

By Tracy Williams08/22/2009

It could also be heartburn/acid reflux. My daughter and husband both have this problem and on nights where they have foods that can trigger acid reflux, they both are up a lot getting drinks of water. That's really their only symptom.

By Frances Adams [11]08/21/2009

Everyone's bodies and signs of illness are different, and your thirst at night could be due to room temp, low humidity, use of a ceiling fan, open mouth during sleep as Cyinda wrote, or up to something as serious as diabetes. Be sure to check with your doctor to rule out something serious.

By Cyinda [214]08/20/2009

It could be something as simple as sleeping with your mouth open. That's what happens to me when I sleep with my mouth open. (I wake up with a dry mouth & VERY thirsty!) It can also be a hint that your kidneys may not be working up to par. Do you take lots of Ibuprofen or Aspirin? ...I'm asking this because my partner wakes up VERY thirsty every morning & we think it's because he's damaged his kidneys because of taking to much Ibuprofen when he had tooth pain. But you'd most likely also have swelling in your ankles (like my partner) if this was the problem. If you are swelling, be sure to watch your salt intake & talk to your doctor about it because excess thirst can also be a sign of diabetes.

Our bodies are working to repair themselves while we sleep... I've always told my kids that it's like we are getting recharged (like batteries) when we sleep. That's when our bodies do most of the work repairing damage (like cuts being healed & cell repair). Unless you'll be up all night going to the bathroom, maybe you should keep a glass of ice next to your bed. as the ice melts you'll have cold water to drink throughout the night.

By Rachelle [16]08/20/2009

I google your question and this is what I found.
Hope this helps.

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