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Remedies for Ringworm

I have a four month old Basset Hound puppy that the vet says has ringworms. I have bathed him in the medicated shampoo and used the cream she gave me, but he just doesn't seem to be getting better. Does anyone know of something to get rid of these things?


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November 8, 20100 found this helpful

Miconazole nitrate 2% anti-fungal cream works & is very inexpensive. My vet suggested it when we where on vacation.Tthe red spots were gone the next day, but you have to use it for 2 weeks.

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May 16, 20170 found this helpful

Miconazole nitrate 2% is the active ingredient in yeast infection cream. Much cheaper than the vet prescription but you will still need to get a cone so your pet doesn't lick it off like mine does.

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October 3, 20100 found this helpful

I have a four month old Basset hound puppy that the vet says has

ringworms. I have bathed him in the medicated shampoo and used

the cream she gave me, but he just doesn't seem to be getting

better. Does anyone know of something to get rid of these




Remedies for Ringworm

I would just like to say that what you are doing is exactly

right. Ringworm can take a long time to get rid of. Your puppy

could end up losing most of his/her hair before they get over

the ringworm. You must be very consistent with the treatment and

try your very best not to miss an application. I will give you

one warning though, ringworm is contagious to humans. Believe it


or not, the treatment for people is the same cream or ointment

that you are using for your puppy. If you do happen to get

ringworm and you work in a field of employment where you are

cooking or working closely with other people, you should inform

your doctor.

I have had first hand experience with ringworm and so

therefore am telling you from true experiences, not hearsay.

When I left home and moved into my own apartment, I got myself a

new kitten named Mischief. Unknown to me he had contracted

ringworm from his "cell mate" at the pet store. I loved him very

much and even though enduring the ringworm myself and having to

treat him was very time consuming and inconvenient, I was

persistent and after he (and myself) got over the ringworm he

ended up being a very healthy cat that lived to be 17 years old.

I was also employed at a fast food restaurant (I was a full time

high school student so this was my after school job) and had to

take a leave of absence as my ringworm outbreak was on my hand.

I was not allowed to work as it is contagious. As I said before,

be persistent and consistent and you and your puppy will make it

through it just fine. Just remember that he/she is a baby and it

was not his fault that he/she got it.
All the best.



By profile=thr762623">ladiesebonydiamond

Remedies for Ringworm

Ring worm is really a fungus, not worms. Tea Tree oil is better

than even prescription stuff on fungi like ringworm, athletes

foot, even rashes. It is also the best topical antibiotic I

have found. Wounds heal in half the time. A little goes a long

way, so use sparingly. Get it at your health foods store. This

oil comes from the Malaluka tree in Australia. It grows wild

along the river shores and ponds. The leaves fall in the water

and turn it very dark, like tea. Thus the commonly known name

of Tea Tree. The natives bathe in the dark water to heal almost

everything. It has a menthol odor so works great to steam your

chest and sinus problems. Hope this helps. (03/25/2005)

By profile=thr270003">Deb

Remedies for Ringworm

Also from personal experience, my kids had ringworm, I used

Campho-Phenique on the kids and it really worked, also. Can't

hurt to give it a try. The tea tree oil sounds good, too. Tea

Tree oil is good for a lot of things. (03/25/2005)

By profile=thr859674">jaxi3

Remedies for Ringworm

When I was a little girl, my parents had a home remedy for

ringworm. They made a paste of lard and gunpowder and applied it

like an ointment, daily, until the ringworm disappeared.

By profile=ver1007857">Harlean from Arkansas

Remedies for Ringworm

I was just going to write what Carole wrote! Ringworm in

animals or humans can take a long time to clear up so

persistence with the cream is necessary, often for months. You

also need to continue it for a while even though it looks as

though the ringworm has gone. In humans there is a tablet you

can take, for people who are either non compliant or not getting

anywhere with the cream. I don't know whether this is available

for dogs though.


By profile=thr112548">Jo Bodey

Remedies for Ringworm

Did you see "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding"? The father sprayed

everything with Windex!

Well, My husband had ringworm on his right hand and had had

enough when he said it started winking at him!

He took a bottle of Windex with him and sprayed it about three

times a day. It was gone in a couple of days! It's been almost a

year and nothing has returned. You only need to give it a small,

quick spritz. (03/26/2005)

By Fran Marie

Remedies for Ringworm

Crest toothpaste is the way to go. We used it on our horses (70

horses had it in all!). A couple times a day we would do the

rounds and just slather it on. Our vet even recommends it (not

publicly!). It cleared up as fast as ring worm can! (03/28/2005)


Remedies for Ringworm

P.S Gloves! (03/28/2005)


Remedies for Ringworm

From a past vet nurse, my first advice would be a revisit to the

vet if the treatment isn't working, they need to know and

reassess the condition. If the diagnoses was wrong in the first

place, ask for a free consult or to have new medication for free

because you shouldn't have to foot the bill for their error.

Be very CAREFUL with applying anything to your puppy's skin!

Always use the correct dilutions (more is not better). Dogs are

not little people and their skin has a different pH and is

sensitive to different things. I would definitely not be using

Windex on an animal (it's made for cutting through grime on

windows!), Tea tree oil is worth a try, but dilute with water.

Always check for concentrations with manufacturer or look for

their material safety data sheets on the net (never use an

essential oil neat). I haven't heard about toothpaste, but I

would dilute this too or only apply a very small amount. I know


what it is like to get toothpaste on my skin, it feels warm

(thus irritates a little). Gunpowder ?!?!? Whatever you do, do

not blend home remedies with medication from the vet. Good luck.


By Bronwyn

Remedies for Ringworm

I have had ringworm a couple of times as I work with animals.

The best cure I've found for myself is clear fingernail polish.

It burns for a second and is immediately gone (at least within a

day or two)! (07/06/2005)

By Jody

Remedies for Ringworm

There seems to be a lot of cures for ringworms! When I was a

little girl, I got ringworms often. My mother would burn a piece

of white sheet and mix the ashes with lard. She applied it to

the ringworm and put a Bandaid on it. It always worked.


By Patsie Lee

Remedies for Ringworm

I found that Lamisil AT cream for athletes foot works really

good. My kids get it from playing in the sand. Or you can use

jock itch cream. I know sounds crazy, but it works. (08/17/2005)

By Bessie

Remedies for Ringworm

My three year old daughter went to Jamaica with her dad and she

contracted ringworm there. She took it back to the states and

gave it to my husband and the both of them had it. I didn't know

what to do until a neighbor told me about using garlic. Grate

the garlic and the oil from it, as well as, the garlic itself. I

put it on the ringworm and it burnt it right off. You should try

this. It tingles a little, but it works and it is safe and

inexpensive. (08/19/2005)

By Racquel

Remedies for Ringworm

New Skin in the bottle works good, just apply over infected area

and let dry. If you don't have New Skin, but have super glue, it

works well, too. Same theory to contain it and it can't feed on

moisture. (01/08/2006)

By John

Remedies for Ringworm

I tried adopting some cats until all 6 of them and 4 of us got

ring worm. The vet gave us Malaseb shampoo to wash the cats and

dogs, and gave the itraconazole for 2 months. We had to use

Lotrim and I took Lotrim oral, but my smaller son takes

gireofulvin because it kept coming back every 2 months.


By nala

Remedies for Ringworm

Use Diet pepsi. It works really well. (04/11/2006)

By Barbara

Remedies for Ringworm

My puppy has had ringworm for 4 weeks now and it is getting

better slowly. I shampoo him with Ketochlor shampoo every other

day and apply Lotrimin AF everyday to the fungus areas. The vet

told me it could take up to 2 months for the ringworm to clear.

It is stubborn! But I feel this is probably the best and safest

way to treat the problem with a puppy. (04/14/2006)

By Kelli

Remedies for Ringworm

The ringworm will not go away without quite a bit of work even

if you get rid of the dog (which I do not recommend you do

unless you find a good home for it). Ringworm is a fungus that

thrives in soil. The spores can live for many months in your

house. You will need to come up with a cleaning regime that

helps you eliminate the spores in your home and on your pet or

all of you will continue to get reinfected.

There are several good vet websites that will give you good

information about this fungus and suggestions about eliminating

it in your home. Vacuuming several times a week if not daily and

using a bleach solution to clean are the only ways to remove and

kill the spores.

Your dog should be treated with a prescription cream. Some

people also use tea tree oil or Vicks mentholatum rub on the

spots. Be careful as your dog can get sick from licking. If

he/she has a lot of spots or very large areas of infection she

might need to go on oral anti-fungal medication. I inspect the

cats I foster twice a day for new spots to stay on top of the

spread. Spots can show just as small bare spots before you see

any crusting.

So, your regime should include cleaning the house,

applying/administering medication to all infected all at the

same time and continuing beyond when all symptoms are gone. The

fungus continues to shed spores as long as it is alive and you

will continue to become reinfected until you kill the fungus and

rid yourself of all the spores.

Even if you get rid of your dog, if you or members of your

household come into contact with infected soil you will now be

the carriers of the fungus.

Good luck! (04/26/2006)

By Mo

Remedies for Ringworm

I agree with Bessie and the athlete's foot cream. I had one on

my thumb once and the pharmacist told me to use Tinactin for

athlete's foot. It worked! (05/21/2006)

By profile=thr710642">Luvyabye

Remedies for Ringworm

This is what worked for me:

I got ringworm from using a public sauna about five months

ago. I noticed it on the back of my thighs and I used a

combination of Lamisol, Epsom salt baths (occasionally putting

the salt right on the infected areas for about ten-fifteen

minutes), and the clear nail polish idea. It worked really well.

But it came back after a few months (albeit very lightly), so I

just used Lamisol. Again, worked well.

However, it came back with a vengeance about a week, all

over both of my thighs. My prior treatments weren't working as

well, so I spent an evening taking long Epsom salt baths and

using Lamisol. Before I went to bed, I spread clear nail polish

all over the infected areas and wore a pair of loose pants to

bed. When I showered the next morning, the polish came off

easily and with no irritation (NEVER PEEL IT OFF!). I managed to

get to the doctor that day and even he could barely see it


However, I would recommend that recurring cases go to the

doctor, because I am now taking anti-fungal pills and using the

prescribed cream (with insurance, it's not expensive). I can't

afford to risk it coming back in my profession.

Also, I threw out my thick comforter (which I tend to sleep

on) and yoga mat, because I figured those were the places that

it was the most concentrated. I also washed all my sheets and

towels in hot water, along with all my pants.

So in my experience, the clear nail polish works wonders, but

keep using the creams and stuff for the four weeks they say. The

nail polish got rid of the ugliness, but I guess the fungus

still lingered when I would get too lazy after a few weeks.

Good luck! (08/10/2006)

By rmh

Remedies for Ringworm

I was born in 1931 so we did not have all the medicines we have

now. I had a ringworm on the back of my neck. My mother broke

some milkweed and applied the milk to the ringworm. It went away

and I never had any more problems. (08/20/2006)

By profile=thr137166">SallyB

Remedies for Ringworm

In the equine industry this is also known as "Rain Rot". A
simple home remedy is to use a betadine solution, you can

purchase this from your local drug store. This usually is in a 8

ounce bottle, mix 1/4 or 2 ounces mixed with liquid soap "Dawn"

couple of drops in warm water. Bath your horse every other day

until bottle is gone (4 times). I'm not sure what the result on

humans would be, but is used for pre-surgical areas.


By tgr59 " horse trainer"

Remedies for Ringworm

GSE is one of the very best cures for the ringworm fungus!

That's "Grapefruit Seed Extract", and you can buy a liquid form

at any health food store for about $12. GSE needs to be diluted!

This is VERY important if using on your face or sensitive areas.

If you don't dilute it, GSE may "burn" your skin.

A warning for those with liver disease:

Do NOT use GSE in any form if you have Hep C or any other

form of liver disease as it can cause damage to your liver. It

can even cause damage to your liver by just putting it on you

skin. (a side note: If you have liver disease, don't even drink

grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit. This is because grapefruit

makes your liver put out different liver enzymes. This is why

you shouldn't mix grapefruit juice with certain medications.)

mechanism of Grapefruit-Drug interactions:

If you don't have a problem with your liver, GSE is great


Here's more info about GSE:


How GSE works:

Also a note from a MD about fungus infections:

I talked with a medical doctor who was also a Naturopath, she

said that any fungus is not gone until 2 weeks "after" the

symptoms are gone, and you should keep using the medicine for 2

weeks "after that"! (because there may be tiny fungus "spores"

lurking in and beneath the skin)

* Also:

If you can cover the ringworm fungus area with clothing you

can bleach, do so! (wear a T-shirt under your clothes if that

will cover the area, or wear white socks if the fungus is on

your feet or ankles). Remember to bleach your pillow case (at

least every other day) if the ringworm is on your face, head or


Use "Selsun Blue" shampoo to clean the ringworm area,

especially the scalp and beard area. Many dermatologists

recommend applying Selsun Blue to the ringworm area. Selsun Blue

is an "over-the-counter" dandruff shampoo. (The active

ingredients differ from other dandruff shampoos.)

This is a very good article about getting rid of ringworm:

Natural Methods:

You can also add about 1 tablespoon of bleach to your bath

water and soak for about 20 minutes or so. This is like swimming

in a pool with chlorine. The chlorine bleach helps to kill the

fungus and also opens the pores to accept your fungus cream or


USE CAUTION: only use a "small" amount of bleach, a "tiny

bit" will do the trick, more will kill you! (06/25/2007)

By profile=thr319748">Cyinda

Remedies for Ringworm

I know this contradicts everything everyone is saying, but when

I visited my vet about ringworm, he told me that without a host

(in terms of the fungus being a parasite) it can't really

survive for long. He just told me to kill any living ones by

putting my bed sheets outside in the sun, because apparently UV

rays kill fungus, or at least aid in it. He also suggested that

I go outside without sunscreen on a hot day (now that's not a

recommendation you hear too often!) to help kill it.

Also, on animals make sure you scrape all of the fungus

flakes off before applying "anything". I use a stiff toothbrush

or eyelash/eyebrow comb.

I'm not sure if you can get pills for yeast infections OTC,

but my doc prescribed oral meds for that purpose and it cleared

it right up.

Best of luck! (07/22/2007)

By Katie

Remedies for Ringworm

If you use bleach, don't be a meat-head and use straight bleach.

Dilute to 6:1 ratio and only apply for a short time. Apply

gently with a Q-tip instead of a paper towel. I used straight up

bleach for about a minute with paper towel (bad, bad, bad), and

the area is now scarred as hell. It got rid of the fungus, but

by the time the scabs are gone, the cream would have been

equally effective. (10/16/2007)

By Mike

Remedies for Ringworm

Try this: Pierce's Nu-Stock, wonderful stuff found in your horse

supply stores, or order from or visit their

site: (11/26/2007)


Remedies for Ringworm

To those of you who asked if Tea Tree Oil is safe to use on


animals, the answer is, unfortunately, no. The basic reason for

this is that animals can't metabolise it safely nor effectively.

For everyone suggesting bleach, while it may work, it will

cause chemical burns on the skin so if you're game to try it, at

least dilute it a great deal first. Since what the bleach is

doing above and beyond anything else is drying out the affected

area, there are far milder solutions kinder to your skin. Tea

Tree Oil (for people only, remember!) and/or vinegar will

achieve precisely the same thing, do not contain synthetic

chemicals and are excellent disinfectants.

One of the main reasons ringworm comes back after treatment

is stopped is because of: a) the clothes and bedding worn during

the time of infection still carrying the fungi, and b) the body

still carrying spores more or less hidden away.

The best thing to do is to wash your bedding and clothing

with either a bleach, vinegar, or over the counter anti-fungal

wash in very hot water and, also, continue to treat the affected

area on your skin for at least two weeks after the red marks go

away to ensure you've killed off all of the nasties.

Hope this is helpful :) (11/30/2007)

By Molli

Remedies for Ringworm

Please go to the doctor and get a prescription for ring worm.

It's not that hard to get rid of. (07/11/2008)


Remedies for Ringworm

I read that using the skin of a walnut will work for ringworm,

so I tried it. I cut the green skin of a walnut and put the

juices from the walnut on my ringworm. It burnt so badly and

made the area very sore for many days. It actually seemed to

make the ringworm worse. I would never recommend anyone doing

this. I used Monistat for yeast infections and then put Gold

Bond powder over it and it was gone in a week. (08/30/2008)

By Tasha

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