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Throw Up on Microfiber


My 4 year old threw up a lot on my microfiber sectional. There is no way to take the cushions off! I really need help finding out what are some safe ways to clean it up. I have it cleaned to the point that there is no stain, but how do I get the smell out?

Amy from Mount Vernon, WA


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By Mara 1 17 04/25/2006 Flag

Sam's Club sells some stuff called "odo Ban" and you can put it in a spray bottle to kill the odor. I use it on my carpet. Also, any of the pet odor enzyme products will remove that kind of odor too.
Good luck!

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By Kathy (Guest Post) 04/25/2006 Flag

Arm and Hammer makes a foamy spray called Carpet and Room Pet Fresh Odor Eliminator and it is great! It smells wonderful and works on all my gross doggy (and not doggy) smells. It goes on as a foam, dries fast and clear and then you can vaccuum it off, or not. Try it, I found it at Target!

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By Rebekah 1 117 04/26/2006 Flag

Try rubbing alcohol poured into a spray bottle .. I use it to clean up the "accidents" from my potty training 2 year old and her 6 mo old sister who has acid reflux and spits up frequently! Works wonders and kills any germs.

Good Luck!

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By fox (Guest Post) 11/11/2006 Flag

How would I got about cleaning coffee spilled on my microfiber sofa? Should I let it dry first? Can I actually use water on microfiber?

Thank you for your advice

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By ERIC (Guest Post) 12/09/2006 Flag

Iam not sure the material, but My 19 month old son has thrown up on it. I have tried cleaning it but the smell is still there. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it?
Thank you,
Eric from California

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Archive: Throw Up on Microfiber

My daughter threw up yogurt on my microfiber ottoman. I cleaned it off with towel dampened with water, and now the fabric is very stiff. How do I revive the area back to its normal texture?

Thank you!
Kate from Idaho

RE: Throw Up on Microfiber 02/04/2006
I would try mixing liquid fabric softener with warm water and putting it ib a spray bottle. Blot with a towel every few sprays.
By Shari C (Guest Post)

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