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Saving Elephant Ears Bulbs

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Elephant Ears Leaf

Elephant ears are not cold hardy, so in colder climates you will want to dig them and store them over the winter. This is a guide about saving elephant ears bulbs.



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Question: Storing Elephant Ear Bulbs for the Winter

How do I store my elephant ear bulbs?

By David from Nashville, TN


Most Recent Answer

By Robyn [366]11/04/2013

I brought them in in a laundry bag, and hung it up on a nail on the wall. I have so many more this year I will have to find somewhere else to store them or give them as gifts.
You can use an onion bag, or any bag with holes in it, or any place they stay dry and get air.

I love Elephant Ears, and I can't wait to plant them again next year!

Question: Elephant Ear Bulbs

I live in Indiana and therefore must dig up my elephant ears every fall and store in an attached garage. This has worked well for me for several years, but this winter was brutally cold. I'm sure they were in temperatures below freezing for several days at a time. Should I assume they're dead and buy new? I'm on an extremely tight budget, but I'd really hate it if I wound up with none coming up this year.

By kb


Most Recent Answer

By Joyce Horner [5]03/24/2014

If they didn't make it, big grocery stores should have taro bulbs in the veggie section. They don't get as big as the elephant ears do but 3 or 4 in a pot make a nice showing and they aren't nearly as expensive. Taro is used in Hawaii to make poi.

Question: Saving Elephant Ears Bulbs

I dig up my elephant ear tubers each fall. Now I read about those that have a problem with their remaining tubers in the ground keep coming back each spring. Why dig them up each fall if they survive the winters in the ground?

Hardiness Zone: 5a

By Merrill

Most Recent Answer

By Cricket [201]11/14/2009

I agree with Mrs Story. Try leaving a couple in the ground but cover them good with lots of mulch of some kind. I also live in 7a/b and leave mine in the ground. I just cut them back (that's my job for tomorrow) and cover them up with leaves. Every year they come back bigger and better. For that matter, from one bulb only that I planted 16 yrs ago, I have dug it up and split it 5 times making 8 new plants. 2 of which I'll have to split again tomorrow.

Solutions: Saving Elephant Ears Bulbs

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Below are photos related to this guide.

Elephant Ears and Patio Peach Tree

Elephant Ears and Patio Peach Tree

Photo Description
My Elephant Ears and Patio Peach Tree are the same size. It looks unusual looking down from the stairs and seeing those giant Elephant Ears. They were not that big when I bought the pot of them at the nursery.

Photo Location
This is under our porch rail. I had an area set aside for the chicks to exercise during the spring. After they leave for the year to their loving homes, then I plant out the Elephant Ears. The Patio Peach Tree is very fragrant. They are small peaches and have not been edible as of yet.

The chicken enclosure wire keeps the dogs from stomping down the Elephant Ears. Each year I dig up the bulbs and there are dozens more to save over the year in the house for the next Spring!

By Robyn [366]