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Rolodex Style Recipe Holder

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I am looking for a recipe holder not a book or box but something in the Rolodex type. I really would appreciate your help. Thank you.



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By Maureen01/21/2011

Like the product, but customer service is not responsive. Still awaiting two attempts at contact to clarify an order. This might explain while the product was late in arriving for a Christmas gift.

By Kelly (Guest Post)11/26/2008

I have seen one. Check it out here:

RE: Rolodex Style Recipe Holder

By Laura Meller [6]10/27/2008

I have a older one, that the cover rolls over the top .Is this what you are looking for?

By Elaine (Guest Post)03/07/2008

A few years back I bought something that was intended for photos but I use it in the kitchen as a recipe holder. But it was sort of a rollodex type thing. It has legs and you flip the recipe cards over. Maybe you could find something like it in the dept. store in the dept that sells photo books.

By Kim Churchman [3]03/07/2008

Rolodex cards come in several sizes, head to your office supply store!

By Marty Dick [151]03/07/2008

Use an office rolodex... the cards are a bit smaller but recipes could be alphabetized.

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