Removing a Pee Stain From a Mattress?


How do you remove pee stains from mattress?




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By Tammy (Guest Post) 02/08/2005

This will work for removing the stain, and the smell as well. I took Woolite Power Shot and a carpet cleaning machine with the attachment to the mattress.

Try removing the mattress from the bed first. Apply the Woolite Power Shot liberally in an area, let soak for 2 minutes or so and then clean the area with the carpet cleaning machine tool attachment. Using the carpet cleaning detergent in the machine will increase the cleanliness of the mattress along with the Woolite Power Shot.

Clean both sides of the mattress or at least both side where the stain is...

Hope it works as well for you as it did for me.

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By Kelly (Guest Post) 03/09/2005

Use an enzime. You can find it at a Vet place or at a store that has pet products. You will be amazed. You might have to let it soak on there first. Put a plastic sheet over it, so it does not dry out.

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By rhonda (Guest Post) 07/19/2005

someone told me to put straight peroxide on the mattress and let it sit and soak up with towels and then put baking soda down....ever heard of this?

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By gabe (Guest Post) 07/21/2005

using harsh chemicals such as carpet spot removers
may easily get the stain out, but can ultimately break down the foams and fibers in your sleep set. this can result in premature sagging in your mattress
call in the proffessionalls""

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By Linda (Guest Post) 05/11/2006

House of Strauss has a great page on this:

"How to remove pee stains from a mattress.
This is it! The web page the world has been waiting for!

We have been inundated with requests for help with getting pee stains out of mattresses (urine) over the years of running this site. We have now compiled an effective solution to removing pee stains that has no need for expensive equipment or products. . . ."

Go to: http://houseofstrauss.co.uk/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=453

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By Ida (Guest Post) 06/07/2006

How long does this ussually take to dry? (indoors)

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By Richard Strauss (Guest Post) 09/12/2006

The above post has been copied without permission from http://houseofstrauss.co.uk date 29-12-2004 URL http://houseofstrauss.co.uk/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=453
We are glad you like our solution 'Linda' but it would be polite and good netiquette to at least credit your source. Our article is not plagerised, it is our original material. I would like to think the webmaster of this site ammends the post with a link to us. Thank-you.

Editor's Note: Thanks for letting us know because we normally credit tips or remedies that come from other places. We removed most of the information from the post and linked to your site.

We encourage our readers not to plagarize but to post the source if it is not their own.

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By (Guest Post) 03/18/2007

How do you know if you have urine on your mattress pad and not just water that spilled? Is there any test that you can do?

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By jack (Guest Post) 08/21/2007

How long does it take to dry? (indoors)

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By Melissa (Guest Post) 01/20/2009

The website listed does not work anymore so why did they complain? Can you put the information back on this site so we can see what will work?

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By Rachelle Strauss 1 03/07/2009

Hello Melissa,
My husband asked for this information to be removed from this site back in 2006; three years ago!
You've been to our site to check out the details and might have noticed that it says:

"We are sorry that HouseofStrauss.co.uk is currently closed until further notice. We are in process of rebuilding the content on a new and improved web platform."

We will be back in the summer and the information will be available again. Thanks for your interest, Rachelle Strauss

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By Yvette Cruz 4 10/23/2010

The pet store sells something called Fresh & Clean for pets. I usually purchase it at Petland. It will works on any urine. I always have bottles of it in my house. It will instantly remove cat urine stains and odor so imagine what it will do for human urine. Use it on your mattress or sofa, floor, furniture, etc. or any kind of odor.

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