Apple Cider Vinegar For Room Odors


My son and I were discussing the tip I added here of using fresh coffee grounds to safely remove odors of all kinds. He told me that he was listening to a problem-solving program on the radio when someone called in with an odor problem. The host said for them to use apple cider vinegar.

He gave the example of a terrible odor problem that was caused by a death in an apartment that took a month to discover. I won't go into the details. But the host said that a bowl of apple cider vinegar was placed in each room and left there for several days. The odor went away, and they were able to rent out the apartment with no problem.

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By Donna from Cherryvale, KS



By Pat Giles 958 01/23/2007

I, too, use apple cider vinegar to get rid of odors. I had an old dog who was incontinent; therefore, I had a bad odor problem. I put cups of vinegar throughout my house and the odor mysteriously disappeared! I plan to leave it out from now on, even tho the dog died about a month ago.

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By Nicole 8 54 02/07/2007

i tryed it where my litter for 2 cats is... and i had company and she could not get over how well the cider vinegar worked ... she said you can't tell you have cats.... well i will always have some out now...thanks for the great tip

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