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Removing Rust Stains from a Linoleum Flooring

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Linoleum Flooring

When metal has rusted on this material, it can be difficult to remove. This guide is about removing rust stains from linoleum flooring.


Solutions: Removing Rust Stains from a Linoleum Flooring

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Tip: Removing Stains on Linoleum

Apply full strength distilled white vinegar directly to tough linoleum stains. Leave it on 10-15 minutes before wiping up. If that doesn't work, apply it again and sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar. Scrub with brush or sponge. Rinse with clean water.

By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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Here are questions related to Removing Rust Stains from a Linoleum Flooring.

Question: Removing Stains Transferred from Subfloor to Linoleum

How do I remove stains on linoleum flooring? They are from the plywood floor beneath the linoleum. It is a pink/red colored ink like stuff that is all around the border of plywood and it just seeped through to the linoleum flooring. I've tried everything!

By Cheryl from Huntsville, AL

Most Recent Answer

By Robyn Fed06/17/2011

After trying spray cleaner, rubbing alcohol, fingernail polish remover, and you see that it isn't working, then I would do the following after rinsing the floor off:
Rub the area with superfine (number 0000) steel wool dipped in liquid floor wax.
Wash the area with soapy water, dry, then wax as usual.
Hope this helps!

Question: Rust Stain on Linoleum Floor

I have an old linoleum floor in my basement and there's a pretty big rust stain on the floor. What could I use to remove it? I've already tried a few products that are supposed to remove rust, but had no luck. Any ideas? I can't afford to replace the floor.

By Karen from Warren, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Sharon Cross11/20/2009

If there is wax on the floor, be certain to remove it, before attempting to remove the rust...The wax will prevent you from being able to remove the rust, if the rust is under the wax!