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Paint Recommendations for a Range Hood

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When we purchased this home, the kitchen color was still in the 70s. There was an olive green hood blaring at me. I took it outside and sanded the entire thing to the metal. I primed and spray painted it inside and out with Krylon, "stone". (it had 3 colors in it black, cream, and beige). I used 3 cans. I also used one small can of polyurethane to seal.

I painted the imitation paneling, a cream to match the hood. I like what I got. That was 4 yrs ago and now I need to redo the hood as it is beginning to need help on the inside from all the years of washing off oil from deep fried chicken, yum. The outside of the hood is still as good as the day I painted it.
My question is, is there something I can color the inside with that can take the obsessive cleaning?
Thank you.

By Phanay from Sequoia Gateway, CA


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By tahlula [4]09/08/2010

Whatever brand, you should look for the words "appliance paint" on the can as it is about the most durable spray paint you will find. "High temperature" spray paints or engine paints are also very useful for this type of application.

By Phanay [2]09/07/2010

Oh thank you so much Rberg!

By katrina [5]09/06/2010

How about Rustoleum paint? For appliances!

By Rose09/06/2010

I would try either using engine paint or paint for a BBQ after degreasing and sanding. It comes in all kinds of colors.

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