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Cigarette Burns on Formica


How do you remove/repair cigarette burn marks on Formica counter top?




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Archive: Cigarette Burns on Formica

I have cigarette burns on my formica countertops, linoleum floor in the kitchen and oak hardwood floor. Also, residual adhesive on same wood floors from 2 sided tape. It's sticky and dirty and I'm afraid to scrape it off or to use strong cleansers or solvents. I also need advice on cleaning the hard old dried cooking grease off of maple kitchen cabinets. Any help will be greatly appreciated. My new "old" home has been neglected and needs a lot of attention. Thanks for any tips or guidance. Debbie from South Amboy, NJ

RE: Cigarette Burns on Formica

I have no idea how to get rid of cigarette burns, but for the sticky adhesive on the wood floors and the kitchen cabinets I would try some wood soap (like Murphy's oil soap) use hot water, rag for scrubbing with finger nails to get the top layer off. Try laying the rag on top of the thick stuff for a few minutes. Make sure you don't warp the wood and get that elbow grease going. (09/12/2006)

By ~Wendola~

RE: Cigarette Burns on Formica

W-D 40 will take price stickers off anything. Also a product called Goop Be Gone will also work to remove the tape on your floors. Good luck (09/13/2006)

By justmyimagination2002

RE: Cigarette Burns on Formica

Methylated spirits or, at a pinch, gin or vodka (yes, really) will help with sticky tape residue (and nail polish, would you believe). Liquid sugar soap, an endless supply of cheap Scotch-brite type scourers and lots of elbow grease will get rid of your dried up kitchen scum. Water the sugar soap down to maybe 50:50 as it is very strong and you don't need to use it full strength. It tends to go a long, long way! Wear gloves to avoid your hands drying out. As to the cigarette burns on timber surfaces, if they're not deep, try gently sanding them back with fine emery paper then resealing the area. The ones on the lino, I don't know about. Hope it helps! (09/13/2006)

By Kat

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