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Whippoorwill Pea Seed

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I need a source for whippoorwill pea seed.

Segars from Buchanan, Georgia


Segars, These old-fashioned cowpeas can be tricky to find, but they are wonderful. Searching for them is well worth the effort! In Georgia, you might try Whippoorwill Hollow Organic Farm for sourcing seeds. They don't officially offer them for sale on their website, but in the past, the owners of the farm, Andy and Hilda Byrd, have donated these seeds to The Southern Seed Legacy project. If they don't have any, they may be a good resource for finding some.

Here is a picture of the whippoorwill pea seeds from the project's site:

Whippoorwill Seeds Photo

Here is the farm's contact information. It looks like a wonderful place to visit:

Whippoorwill Hollow Farm
Andy & Hilda Byrd
Walnut Grove, Georgia
Mailing address: 3905 Hwy 138, Covington, GA 30014
Phone: 678-625-3272

Another source is the South Carolina Foundation Seed Association. Their heirloom whippoorwill seeds originate from Tennessee and sell for $2 per packet of 25 seeds.

South Carolina Foundation Seed Association

Good luck!




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By Renee L.03/08/2013

I have Whippoorwill pea seed, and would be happy to sell you some for $4 per 100 plus postage. Just email me at renelingard@ AT thanks and happy plantin'

By Susan Wolfe [20]05/14/2010

Just kind of curious about the name whippoorwill pea seed. Do whippoorwills like the pea seed? I love the call of the whippoorwill. I would plant the pea's if I thought they would attract whippoorwills. Regardless, I would like to try them. That's pretty neat.

By Ramona (Guest Post)06/30/2008

My fathers family raised whippoorwill peas in East Texas. We have seeds that my aunt brought with her when she moved from Tx to Ga. I have 4 rows about to bloom. I'm trying to find more seed myself just in case these don't make enough to eat and save ( I'll be saving everything I have for seed if not).

By marshall autry (Guest Post)03/30/2008

I have a few to seed. I will sell 100 seed for 3.00. If anyone is interested contact mautry 1945 @ yahoo .com.

By ann (Guest Post)02/27/2008

I bought wippoorwill seeds from baker creek farms. They have a website and free catalog and lots and lots of heirloom seeds. The ones I bought were purple hull. The plants were HUGE and I left some pods to dry on the bush and replated them the next year. I live in Ga and shipping was no big deal.

By sheri [6]02/08/2008

I found wippoorwill seeds at this site:


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Where To Find Whippoorwill Pea Seed

Does anyone know where I can find the old fashioned whippoorwill pea seed? Hardiness Zone: 8b Egribble from Killeen, Texas

RE: Where To Find Whippoorwill Pea Seed

Go to this site, I think you will enjoy it! I belong to it. destiny (08/17/2007)

By cindi

RE: Where To Find Whippoorwill Pea Seed

You might try these sites:;term=pea+seeds (08/17/2007)

By Mythi

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