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Fixing Gravy that Curdled

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Can you tell me how to fix my gravy? I made it as usual, but this time it curdled when I added the milk to it.

Joan from Grand Island, NE



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By Ariela [31]01/10/2008

Curdling may mean that the burner is too high. Lower the heat
and when you add the milk use a wire whisk .. whisking it real
fast.. take it off the burner and continue whisking. Place on burner-low heat to keep warm. My hubby and I take turns doing
dishs so I try to use a few as possible.. which is why I wouldnt use
a blender.. plus I have never needed to.
I make white or milk grave all the time.

heat oil over med-high heat (I dont measur, sorry)
add flour stir till thickens..
add salt and peppter to taste.
add milk to desired amount of gravy
turn up heat whisking with wire whisk...
keep whisking till it reaches desired thickness. remove from heat.. then I keep stirring for a while.. it makes it creamier.
And old sounthern taste trick is to add up to a tbsp of sugar.. yummm

By Jan [4]01/10/2008

Put it in the blender on low speed. If the gravy is hot, be sure to keep your hand on the lid of the blender, or you'll have a volcano.

By Carol (Guest Post)01/04/2008

I make chicken gravy with milk all the time and it never curdled. You just have to watch it very close and add the milk before it gets too thick. It will thicken very fast so keep adding milk slowly till it gets to the thickness your want.

By no name today (Guest Post)01/04/2008

I'd put it in the blender with the lid on tight and blend then I'd put a speck more flour in. If you had like hamburger or sausage in, you could strain it before you blend it.
Check how thick it is and add more flour blend again and reheat. Then add meat back in. Should be ok.

By bonnie. (Guest Post)01/04/2008

Place the milk and the flour or corn starch together, blend very well then put in the broth mix. My mom made this gravy that way. Hope this helps..bonnie

By Rae Ann (Guest Post)01/04/2008

I use milk to make pork gravy all the time. It could be that when the cold milk hit the hot pot it curdled. When I make gravy, I make my rue in a bowl (milk and flour) then slowly put in a few spoonfuls of the hot gravy into my bowl to warm it up. Once it is not cold then you can add the whole rue into the pot on the stove and you shouldn't have any trouble with curdling.

By Karen [10]01/04/2008

I've never heard of gravy with milk, try a new recipe.

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