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Preventing Soap Scum on a Tub


I sprinkle a little Epsom salts to my bathwater to prevent soap scum. The soap seems to float on the top of the water rather than becoming a scummy ring, then goes down the drain. I found this out after using the salts to help sore muscles. It seems that ever so little of the salts in the water helps prevent the scum.

By Megan8 from Colliers, WV


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By Judi 18 938 05/21/2009

I've read that the liquid soaps don't cause soap scum. That's all I use now but my darling husband won't/can't give up his Ivory so I can't tell if that's true.

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Archive: Preventing Soap Scum on Tub

I have a terrible problem with soap scum on my tub and have spent a small fortune of cleaners that don't work. If they do, you still have to scrub and scrub.

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